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Top 10 2016 by Yannick

It’s that time of the year again, where people recap everything and in the case of 2016, I think we can all agree that it’s been one of the shittiest ones in recent memory. Countless deaths of famous people, a plethora of social and ethical injustices and numerous acts of terrorism that shook the world. But at least 2016 has granted music lovers like myself a wide array of safe places to disappear to, which is why I’ve decided to make sure to share my top 10 with you in order to maybe get you away from the shitfest that has been 2016.

#10 Serpentine Dominion – Serpentine Dominion
Serpentine Dominion - Serpentine Dominion
Let’s start this off with a little nugget that surprised me toward the end of the year: Serpentine Dominion is a side-project with Killswitch Engage‘s Adam D on guitar, Cannibal Corpse‘s George Fisher on vocals and ex-The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Shannon Lucas on drums. It’s a really interesting take on classical death metal with a somewhat modern feel to it. So much fun to listen to!

#9 Childish Gambino – “Awaken, My Love!”
Childish Gambino - Awaken My Love
Gambino is without a doubt my favorite rapper, and I spent hours on end listening to Because The Internet. When it was announced that his next record would be drastically different I was both worried and excited to hear what he had come up with. At first I felt that he had strayed too far from the path with this funk-groove-soul sauce that is AML, but it turns out that the record is quite the grower!

#8 The Majestic Unicorns From Hell – A Matter Of Less In More (review)
The Majestic Unicorns From Hell - A Matter Of Less In More
Since 2015 didn’t have a local spot, I figured I’d honor my favorite instruMENTALists, The Majestic Unicorns From Hell, with a spot on my list. Not out of courtesy or pity, but simply because their latest release rocked the socks of me every time I listened to it. Feel free to read my review for more infos.

#7 Emarosa – 131
Emarosa - 131
I’m a huge Jonny Craig fan, and have ended up seeing him twice this year, so naturally I love the two records he did with Emarosa. Which is why the first record with the new singer in 2014 was so-so for me, but with 131 the band has proven that they’re far from being dead!

#6 Every Time I Die – Low Teens
Every Time I Die - Low Teens
Does this band need a reason for being in this list? I sure hope not. ETID continuously improves and delivers ferocious quality time and time again. Low Teens is no exception and could even be considered the band’s strongest record. Listen to it!

#5 Artifex Pereo – Passengers
Artifex Pereo - Passengers
A band that I checked out a couple of yours ago, enjoyed, but quickly forgot about, Artifex Pereo caught my attention again this year with the release of their second full-length. The record is pure genius in terms of pretty much everything there is when it comes to complex post-hardcore.

#4 A Day To Remember – Bad Vibrations
A Day To Remember - Bad Vibrations
Can’t have a new ADTR record and not include it in my top 10. While some people didn’t enjoy this one very much, in my humble opinion Bad Vibrations is the band’s most solid record, with barely any weak songs. Without a doubt it includes the catchiest song of their career in the form of Justified.

#3 The Fall Of Troy – OK
The Fall Of Troy - OK
Aside from the reunion gigs of At The Drive-In, the release of a new The Fall Of Troy album and a subsequent world tour (where I got to see them absolutely kill it!) was probably the biggest musical surprise of the year for me! OK is a record that I’ve listened to way too often and still enjoy every bit as much as the first time.

#2 Hail The Sun – Culture Scars
Issues – Headspace
Pierce The Veil – Misadventures
Sianvar – Stay Lost
Top 5 2016 - Top 2
What is this? A four-way tie and it’s not for the first place?! Well, what can I say? This year simply had a clear winner for me, but more on that in just a second. These four records have been on heavy repeat when they were released and should be checked out by everyone. Ironically, both Hail The Sun and Sianvar feature the same singer and are (or were) Blue Swan Records bands, while Pierce The Veil has managed to build on the success of its previous record (not quite surpassing it though) and Issues simply putting their debut record to shame with their newest masterpiece.

#1 Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership
Dance Gavin Dance - Mothership
There is nothing as clear as the fact that 2016 has been the year of Dance Gavin Dance for me. First the release of their live record Tree City Sessions, which blew me away; then the release of the milestone Mothership, and last but definitely not least: getting to see them live! I’m still baffled how a band can manage to release such a strong record barely a year after a nearly perfect record, but the guys did it and deserve to be heard by more people, so get on it!

Despite 2016 was a truly lazy year on my behalf, with only eleven reviews written, I’ve decided to continue El Gore, with my focus remaining on the local metal and rock releases. 2017 can come!

Top 5 2013 by Yannick

2013 has been a very busy and rewarding year for me…especially in the music department. It’s been my first full year at El Gore and I managed to put out forty-seven reviews, which I’m a bit proud of to be honest, since I absolutely love doing what I do. But since the year is almost over, it’s time to compile a list of my top five albums…so here goes!

#5 Scarred – Gaia/Medea (review)

There have been quite a few really solid Luxembourgish releases this year, but to me the five guys from Scarred take the cake with their second full length. If you haven’t listened to this…you, sir or madam, have missed out big time. What are you waiting for? Go!

#4 Devildriver – Winter Kills (review)

Even though DD never really re-invent themselves completely on their biennially released albums…they always manage to suck me in and keep me there for quite a while. Winter Kills is no exception and has thus won a spot in my hall of fame this year.

#3 Stone Sour – House Of Gold & Bones Part 2 (review)

I said it last year…and the same argument is valid this time around: if Corey Taylor is involved in a project, it’s almost guaranteed to land on my list. But in the case of HoGaB Part 2 this is not pure fanboyism but actually appreciation of, arguably, the best Stone Sour album to date.

#2 Counterparts – The Difference Between Hell And Home (review)

These Canadians completely unexpectedly blew me away with their third release with the long name. While I never considered myself a true fan of melodic hardcore, I lost my musical virginity of the genre to a brilliant album, and I highly recommend giving it a go if I were you!

#1 A Day To Remember – Common Courtesy (review)
August Burns Red – Rescue & Restore (review)
Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal (review)
Secrets – Fragile Figures (review)

I thought about my number one long and hard. Not only is that what she said, but it’s also applicable to this list. There was just no way for me to choose between any of these four records since I’ve listened to each one at least, not even kidding, one-hundred times before putting down the first letter of my review. That’s how overwhelmed I was by all four individually. If someone held a gun to my head and asked me to choose an overall winner, I’d have to go with Bring Me The Horizon, simply because they put forth the biggest musical change…but I can honestly recommend all four records without a second doubt.

That’s it, folks. I hope you had as much fun reading my reviews as I had writing them and I hope that you enjoy the holidays: drink lots, eat lots and in case you get some cash…keep my list in mind. I’m looking forward to next year, which should see new releases by: Chiodos, Architects, Betraying The Martyrs, Slipknot, Issues and Emarosa! The local front also has two announced releases that I can’t wait to get my hands on; those being of the thrashers Sublind and the space cowboys Cosmogon!

Top 5 2013 by Luc

Yeah, 2013 was a great year, again. I am not talking about movies, because honestly, I went to the cinema only once or twice, mainly because 2013 wasn’t a very interesting movie year for me. Let’s see what 2014 will bring.

For the rest, 2013 rocked. I won’t include any private stuff, even though I could fill a top 100 with all that… but let’s see what else made 2013 so great for me.

#5 My Retro Game/Console Collection upgrade

I have always been interested in the oldschool consoles, arcade coin machines and games. Why? Well, first of all because of my childhood. I had an amazing one and I made the first gaming experiences together with my brothers and friends during this time. Secondly because of the fun factor. It is obvious that gaming graphics get more realistic from console to console but for me, it isn’t about the graphics, it is, as mentioned above, about the fun factor. So, this year I raised my Game Boy, Nintendo and Super Nintendo game collection by visiting flea markets and making good deals on Ebay. I also bought my first Dreamcast (damn, I love it and I have no clue why it flopped back in 1999) and other stuff which I won’t list now. If you are interested in the collection, you should check out my instagram as I post a lot of my stuff there.

#4 Bahnhofskino

If you are into B-Movies, listen to podcasts and understand German, the Bahnhofskino podcast is an absolute must! I discovered it this year and El Gore was already the co-host in one of the episodes. Even though I do not always agree with the hosts, Patrick and Daniel, they do a fantastic, interesting  and competent job. The Bahnhofskino podcast is hebdomadal with a new episode being released every Friday. Go and check them out!

#3 Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami was released in 2012 but I only discovered it this year during my stay in Berlin. What can I say about it? It is perfect! It’s brutal and gory with GTA 2-like graphics, a weird and hypnotic soundtrack (even though I like the in-game music, you should try Mr. Oizo’s Lamb Anger during the game) and a completely fucked-up story. If you like indie games, you know what I am talking about and are probably waiting for the follow-up. If you don’t know the game, check it out.

#2 Crust Punk/Powerviolence

Bands like Discharge, ACxDC, Charles Bronson, Fuck on the Beach, etc. really caught my attention this year. The rawness, power and aggressiveness are incredible!

#1 The El Gore Zine

It was always a personal dream to release a zine, and together with my El Gore mates and the help of other friends, we finally managed to release the first copies of the first El Gore Zine edition.
By the way, if you are interested in a copy, just drop us a message on:
or write us a mail: elgore1(at)hotmail(dot)com

I wish everyone a happy new year and we’ll see each other in 2014!

Top 5 2013 by Eric

#5 Grand Theft Auto

This game brought back my motivation to play videogames. Oh, and Trevor is my homeboy!

#4 Weekend Nachos – Still (review)

Nothing says fuck homophobia and all you little dipshits like this little gem!

# 3 Kelvin’s goal vs Benfica

Destroying your rival team’s title aspirations during injury time is priceless. I am a football freak and you guys got to deal with it.

#2 Jagwar Ma – Howlin (review)

If this is the new kind of indie music, I’m sold!

#1 Jon Hopkins – Immunity

Epic. Brilliant. Glorious. Best electronic masterpiece in ages!

Top 5 2013 by Anna

#5 Like Lovers – Former Selves (review)

Emo is not dead. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Kerscher.

#4 Cargo (review)

A zombie short film that caught me off guard.

#3 Mambo – Bertier (review)

I get the impression that there were a lot of awesome mathy releases this year. There are three that I know of: the second TTNG (outstanding), Delta Sleep (good) and Mambo (very good), and three is a proud number when it comes to solid math rock, at least in my book. It’s an incredibly difficult musical style to master, and I have tremendous respect even for those who try and don’t fail spectacularly. So hats off to Mambo for creating a super fun record that won’t leave my iPod for an extended while.

#2 Sweetheart Come (docommentary)

The best thing to emerge from Luxembourg in a long, long time.

#1 MWTE – Attraction to Light (review)

Make no mistake, this list doesn’t reflect my actual highlights of 2013. First because my true highlights don’t have anything to do with music or film, and second because the majority of my favourite releases this year were not reviewed on El Gore. Attraction to Light, however, would have made it on my actual “best of ’13” list. I had been eagerly awaiting its production since the beginning of the year, and when I finally received the finished product, it felt genuinely rewarding. MWTE revived my love for electronica as a genre, and that secured them a place in my heart.

Top 5 2012 by Eric

Hey folks. Long time no see. I’ve been quite lazy over the last months, I have to admit but fortunately I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve for 2012, even though I have to say that this year was quite a bummer to satisfy my high demands on new and noteworthy music / movies.

#5 Beak> – >>

If you know Portishead you probably have heard the name Geoff Barrow before. This creative wunderkind is responsible for 3 great albums with his main project, yet he somehow manages to have enough spare time for his other bands, Beak> and Drokk. Beak>’s second release is simply captivating, a psychedelic-influenced kraut rock bastard which unfolds its hypnotic effect from the first track to the last one! Well done, sir!

Support Beak> on bandcamp, thank you!

#4 Food For Your Senses Festival 2012

I have to admit that I never used to be a huge fan of the Food For Your Senses festival, mainly because the attitude was “quantity over quality” for the first years. But fortunately this festival changed in a very positive way, with a plethora of different styles and artists and specially this year I discovered some gems, like Fights & Fires, Dub Trio or The Intersphere (though my best moment was filming Scarred live on stage, hearing loss was iminent!) Considering how this whole festival started a few years ago, as a 1 day concert in a small stuffy basement I’m glad to see what the organizers managed to build up: Luxembourg’s best festival. Sorry Atelier, money can’t buy you this amazing atmosphere.

#3 Spotify comes to Luxembourg

Finally! I mean, for heaven’s sake, why on earth must we always have to wait for ages to get such services to Luxembourg? It’s no secret that most companies do have an address here for administrative purposes, so why should we be excluded from the services? Back to topic, I am the only one at El Gore who’s a big fan of digital distribution in general and thanks to Spotify I have discovered lots of good music and artists worth my time. Is 9,99€ enough to support art? Surely not, but this is the consequence of our consumer-oriented society, which downloads music illegally with no remorse, so I rather pay 9,99€ / month for a mind-boggling music library than harm the artist with piracy.

#2 Amour

This movie was a must for 2012! Michael Haneke has taken up a difficult topic that STILL is a taboo in our society: becoming old and sick and having to rely on third party assistance. Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva are the perfect match for their roles and leave a remarkable performance. Haneke knows which toggles to press at the right moment and the movie is one thing sure: bitter reality.

#1 Death Grips vs Epic


What do you do in case your label is not willing to publish your album when you want it to? Correct; you leak it on the internet and use a rather concrete statement, which in this case is Zach Hill’s erect penis with the album title written on it! Death Grips ain’t nothing to fuck with!

Top 5 2012 by Luc

What an amazing year 2012 was! I rediscovered my love for Heavy Metal, I saw a lot of interesting flicks, travelled a lot, met the coolest people and made the best experiences. As you can imagine it was quite difficult to make a Top 5 and I probably forgot a lot of things but who cares,  it is just a blog post. Nevertheless here are some things which are/were quite important for me. Have fun reading:

#5 Aluk Todolo – Occult Rock

A French band I recently discovered and I have to say that they are sick as hell! How can I best describe the sound? Mmmh, I think this is pretty difficult because Aluk Todolo is very unique but I for sure recognnize some psychedelic/krautrock and black metal influences under the drony ambient construction of noise.

#4 Terrifier

Everything is said in my REVIEW.  Best Clown movie I have seen so far, even though it is a short film. Also read the interview with director Damien Leone.

#3 Postmodern Japanese punk movies
I have been into Asian horror movies for over a decade now and I know Tokyo Gore Police for many years but it only was until  this year when the whole Japanese fun splatter flicks or how I call them: postmodern Japanese punk movies got my attention. None of these flicks are a masterpiece (beside the fantastic Tokyo Gore Police) but they are fun to watch and make you shake your head in disbelief. It is simply hilarious how the directors, which seem to be good friends and help each other out on every movie, try to outperform one another in fulsomeness.  Thanks for the great time: Yoshihiro Nishimura, Noboru Iguchi, Tak Sakaguchi, Naoyuki Tomomatsu and Yudai Yamaguchi. Check out some of the reviews I wrote on El Gore:
Gothic & Lolita Psycho
Attack Girls’ Swimteam Vs. The Undead
Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl
Tokyo Gore Police

#2 My DVD Collection upgrade
2012 was a fantastic movie year and I saw a lot of great stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about movies being released in 2012 (I only saw Cosmopolis and Argo this year) but I am talking about movies I discovered or re-watched for the 100th time and in addition, finally bought the DVD.  As I already mentioned above, I bought a lot of those weird Japanese flicks but also a lot other great art. I am not going to enumerate them all but simply show you the ones I am the most happy of.

#1 Dirty Crows video clip
In 2012 Daniel Carneiro and I did our first video clip for the Luxembourgish band Dirty Crows. I had a lot of fun and learned so much about writing, directing and  filming. We were limited in money (60 euros were invested), time (+/-10 hours of filming), actors (friends of the band) and locations but we did our best. Also the pre- and post-production were very productive and life-enhancing experiences.  Check out the video and a happy new year to all of you.

I am really looking forward to 2013, to more music, movies and gore!

Top 5 2012 by Denis

So, as I’m way more into music than into movies, my top 5 will contain only albums of 2012.

#5 Rival Sons – Head Down (review)

Back to the past, swing to the future! Rival Sons play music that has been played for the last four decades and which had its climax in the seventies. Still, the band from LA never sounds old and provided my personal favourite classic rock moment in 2012! Keep on swinging!

#4 Dirty Crows – Got No Chance Against Rock’N’Roll (review)

Luxembourg didn’t know it before, but it needed a kick-ass desert band which perpetuates the stereotype as much as possible and which doesn’t give a damn. Don’t miss this band live when you’re around the Grand Duchy. More broken guitars please!

#3 John Coffey – Bright Companions (review)

Sheer brutality made in Holland! This year’s best coffee substitute was delivered by John Coffey. Lay back, get bashed, enjoy!

#2 The Sword – Apocryphon (review)

The Sword are back, the concept album is gone and the songs are huger than ever! A perfect symbiosis between stoner and metal, although the thrash had to vanish a bit. Nevertheless this is one of the strongest albums of 2012, combining the best of the last four decades.

#1 Wo Fat – The Black Code (review)

A new planet has been discovered in the stoner rock galaxy, widening the style until it is all-embracing. Wo Fat have taught us that everything can be combined with raw music and supply us with huge stoner operas.

I’m really looking forward to the new Queens Of The Stone Age album in 2013, as well as to the Food For Your Senses festival and the very promising festival season in general. See you there!

Next week on El Gore

It’s that time of the year again. And instead of providing you with new reviews we here at El Gore decided to post our personal Top 5 of the year 2012! So you will find a new post each weekday with each member’s personal Top 5, beginning with Dave tomorrow! Trash Monday will, of course, also happen tomorrow!

-El Gore team-