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PRE-CHRISTMAS with the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet

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So, as I don’t want to rank behind as far as the boasting with early Christmas presents is concerned, I proudly present to you my new flatmate.

She’s already an older lady but still as fit as a fiddle. Her name is Sansui FR-5800 and my dad bought her in the mid-1970s. Now junior has his fun with her. It just feels great listening to LPs with her, especially because her brothers, the receiver and the speakers, also still work nearly perfectly.

As lady Sansui always thirsts for new food I bought her a new LP a few days ago: Free Jazz by the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet (in a red coloured vinyl edition). I picked it out of sheer curiosity. In fact I do not know very much about Free Jazz, so let me try to write just a few lines about how it feels to me.

So as a total newbie, what can I say about this? At first listening it is pure chaos, and I loved it. When listening to it a few more times you will realise that it is not as chaotic as it seems. Free Jazz is 37 minutes long and a totally improvised song, except for just a few pre-settings. It was recorded in only one take and put on vinyl as soon as they finished playing it. There are lots of things to discover in it, and it is highly remarkable that such a work was already being done in 1961. The two quartets never play against each other, on the contrary. Every member gets his stage and the others perfectly understand how to step back without disappearing and without giving up their own styles.

I guess this could be my entrance door to Free Jazz, let’s see what the future holds.

Kraton – Ker

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There is one typical excuse Luxembourgish people use to explain our bad football results. This sentence always refers to the amplitude of the country. When our national team loses 5:0 against Timbuktu again, the media just as the inhabitants note that the result is not that bad if you consider that Luxembourg is such a small country. When it comes to music, it is exactly the same. A shitty record, a fucked-up live sound or the inability of playing an instrument is often referred and excused by the fact that the country is small and that it isn’t so bad for Luxembourg. Bullshit!

I doubt that Bördie and co. will save our badly crippled red lion and the Luxembourgish football nation (HAHA) but when it comes to metal music, it looks very different. Unfortunately I have to tell you that in our national metal scene quantity predominates quality. There are only a few extreme bands which are worth listening and I am not even talking about records. But since the 8th of december there is one EP which certainly raises the level again! It was that day Kraton (Guitar:Jacques Zahlen, Guitar: Jason Brink, Drums: Véronique Conrardy, Bass: Joël Reiter, Vocals: Mike “Bördi” Bertemes) released their first demo record called Ker. I won’t pussyfoot around now, Ker is (beside Midnight’s Satanic Royalty) my personal record of the year 2011!

I haven’t been to a lot of concerts recently and I only have heard some of their live stuff on the Band’s youtube channel before, but that’s why Kraton simply doumbfounded me. Ker kicked me right in the face without warning. The music is a perfect composition of groovy mid-tempi, modern black metal riffs covered in a cold and doomy atmosphere served on an traditional death metal plate. At the beginning I didn’t want to describe the music with the help of metal subgenres because Ker feels so fresh, so new and diversified that it deserves more. But you know what? I simply didn’t find the words. And if the excellent music wasn’t enough there is that voice. I personally think that Bördie has one of the most varied and interesting voices in the whole extreme metal genre. The recognition value of the death metal growls is outstanding and the black metal screams are pure evilness and kick every little grim trve black metal wannabe in his pale ass. I think I don’t have to explain that the music and the voice perfectly fit together, do I?

Ker is one fucking hell of a record! Download it at the Band’s Bandcamp or Homepage and tell El Gore what you think!