Indian Handcrafts – Civil Disobedience For Losers

Bruce Lee jumps on stage already after a few seconds, showing his kicks and punches to everyone in the audience. They all came with that space caravan that has travelled many light-years through the universe full of Spaceballs just to see this show. Here we go with light speed, ridiculous speed, ludicrous speed!

Buy your ticket, because this is not just another two-man-group. Apart from the obvious similarities to bands like Tweak Bird, Indian Handcrafts especially stand out due to their high amount of dirtiness, groovy stoner and psychedelic severity, so that Dark Helmet himself won’t manage to stop this duo from its mission. The first half of the record is a thrilling interplay between head banging and hip grooving. A biting 1:44 minutes punk rock outburst towards the middle of the show isn’t really unexpected anymore, the anger simply has to go somewhere and Major Asshole’s eyes will remain even more crossed. Still, in the end, Civil Disobedience For Losers can’t really be reduced to a 100% sheer brutality, given that also melodious and doomy chapters are included with Coming Home and Truck Mouth.

Nevertheless, the fat and raw sound are the main points that will catch the audience, in case they won’t be too frightened by those relentless vocals, sounding like some alien version of Lemmy, Mike Patton and a yelping Yorkshire Terrier. He definitely has the Schwartz! But after having travelled so far, having combed so many deserted planets and seen creatures like Barf the mawg, they are sure to stay and enjoy this intergalactic rock episode.

This is a very strong two man stoner performance from the beginning to the end, with some awesome breaks, one superb transition (from Truck Mouth to The Jerk) and a groove that won’t let you go.

Recommendations: Bruce Lee, Starcraft, Truck Mouth

P.S.: In case you don’t know what a mawg is, here’s some cultural tutoring for you: click.