Boris – Pink

Boris have released a whole bunch of albums since 1996, and I have to admit that I don’t know that much about their other works. They are known to switch their musical style pretty often. Their repertoire reaches from psych to hard rock, from drone to sludge, from electro to pop.

There is one particular full length of the Japanese combo that is still charming me for a few years now: Pink, from 2005.

Farewell lulls you into a sense of security, being a very doomy and post rockish song. After relaxing 7 minutes and 33 seconds Pink carries you away like a thunderstorm. The sound of this album is just awful. It sounds like a garage concert with the amps turned to maximum volume. And that’s just what makes those 11 tracks so awesome.

Woman on the Screen is like a vicious dog which won’t release its prey. This one is sure to stick in one’s head. Boris is uncompromising and stereotyped to the maximum knowing that there is no other way to milk this cow.

Blackout offers us a drone-break before the rumble continues. The hard rock parts mixed with an omnipresent wall of scruffy sound runs like a pink thread through this massacre. Afterburner lets the Indians sing about the desert and freedom. My Machine takes us on a melodic journey on a river which leads to Just Abondoned My-Self, which closes the album with the last bit of energy that’s still left. The amps suffer one last time. You can listen to their final screams for over 10 minutes, if you like to.

Recommendations: Farewell, Pink, Woman on the Screen, Just Adondoned My-Self.