Arkaeon – New Level Of Inhumanity EP

An EP of a young Luxembourgish Death Metal band fell into our lucky hands a few weeks ago. To write it short and simple: it is terrific! And that normally is a good thing for Death Metal.

The booklet already perfectly puts this experience in a nutshell: “Together we try to create our very own sound that is a mixture of technical, brutal, progressive and groovy songwriting…”

The drums are restless, brutal like a barrage, faster than machine guns and proper like a Swiss clockwork. No way of not being pushed from one battle to the next. The guitars are singing like huge birds in an ever burning sky. Technically very demanding, they also master to bid lots of melodic and progressive discoveries before switching to a pure rocking head bang part. (ok these guitar squeals seem to be one essential part of the modern metal culture but they really go on my nerves and they aren’t innovative and cool anymore -Luc-). Finally Rosh’s screams and growls were guite a surprise for me. I haven’t expected a such diversified voice at all. In Death Metal it is very often the voice which bores me to death quite fast. Listening do Arkaeon, it is quite the opposite.

To conclude one can say that the “New Level Of Inhumanity” is a quite fresh metal EP influenced by Death, modern Thrash and even some Black Metal. If you have a diversified metal taste with an affinity to progressive stuff, you should have an eye on this young band and buy there EP!

El Gore wishes you all the best!