Z-Town Massiv – Z-Town Massiv

Yo bros and hoes, grab your Wu-Wear out, the 90’s are back! In case you haven’t heard of these guys before, Z-Town Massiv are a hiphop collective from Luxembourg who have been in the game for quite a while now. DJ PC on the decks and N.U&Z.I. (former member from my all-time favourites Eyston) on the mic ensure the exact mix of old school hiphop, just as I like it! The samples / instrumentals are pleasing and smooth, everything is done with a back to the roots approach, abstaining from the annoying blingbling gangsta rap soundscapes.

I personally like the variety of the compositions, they are simple yet groovy. Initially I had a few problems with the way N.U&Z.I. raps, but after a few listens I got used to it and it fits as it should! The sound quality is, as mentioned before, DIY and not the best one would expect but it’s still ok. A very big plus are the topics of the songs, no useless disses of other rappers (big up for that!) but socially critical topics as the stultification of the human kind, greediness and the overall pessimism that surrounds us nowadays.

With 39 minutes playtime this is the right dose to get into fine Luxembourgish hiphop. No offense, T The Boss, please don’t beat the crap out of me, ok?

In case you’re more into chaotic emo-whatever-screamo-core (yeah, music tags are the new shit), you should also check N.U&Z.I’s old band Eyston as the album’s available on archive.org.

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