Pink Frost – Sundowning

The sun goes down and Mr. Shoegaze meets Mr. Grunge who both decide to do a jolly pub tour until the early morning.

Ruins sounds like a collaboration between The Smashing Pumpkins and Torche with its grungy guitar and amiable but in the same time sneaky rhythm that knocks you out of your socks when you don’t expect it.

Destructive grunge vocals and bass lines take you right back to the 90s from time to time, but it’s hard to define Pink Frost’s sound in just a few words, due to a certain love of experimentation which unhappily gives an impression of unnecessarily erring on a straight line.

The Difference then makes a difference (*bu-dum-ksh*) by turning down the volume and the noise. This unfortunately sounds like a boring version of some melancholic Foo Fighters summer hit. Just let the fury out guys, you don’t need this stuff! The listeners will be glad that the next song resumes with screeching guitars and dirty, non-pop sound. This doesn’t mean that more sensible tunes don’t work on this album, which is proven by Maybe It’s You, the secret star of Sunddowning.

Occupy within then suggests the intro of a punk song before changing into a rambling oriental psych-song. Blue Light, the last song, again strikes a calmer note, giving a warm and chilling feeling to your ears and letting the album slowly float towards the dawn of a new day.

Personally spoken, Sundowning should have more courage and let unfold itself and the power of shoegaze, but this certainly is something for fans of good-mood-grunge or alternative rock, shoegaze à la Torche (but more moderate), and maybe for lovers of California X.