Malevolence – Reign Of Suffering

The following review will be quite concise on purpose, since the sound of Malevolence is hard to describe and best enjoyed by simply listening to it. Nevertheless I will try to whet your appetite a bit for their debut album Reign Of Suffering!

The sound of the five blokes from Sheffield can best be described as a bastard child of groove metal, beatdown hardcore and stoner rock with tiny traces of metalcore. It sounds super weird when written out, but when played it just sounds so organic, almost like these genres were always meant to be blended into a tasty mix of musical goodness.

During the thirty-six minute playtime, the vocal effort of the singer is very diverse and adapts to the various influences perfectly; which gives the whole thing a truly authentic feeling. Along with some quite memorable, and easy to sing along to, choruses, the package is nicely rounded off.

I won’t bother talking more than that about the eight tracks, since you just have to give it a go yourself…so what are you waiting for? Click below to listen to Serpents Chokehold and visit the band’s Facebook page for more information! Stay heavy, stay sexy and until next time!