Battleghost – Transient

Let’s face it: pop punk has been around for years and while there are a lot of bands in the genre, not a lot have what it takes to stand out from the mass. Today, I’m going to write a bit about Battleghost and their most recent EP Transient.

The quartet plays a rather classic formula of the genre, without any breakdowns or super heavy parts, which is interesting since that alone gives them a certain specialness because it strays a bit from the more modern, heavier, take on pop punk. This doesn’t mean that it’s soft music though: the guys keep up a nice tempo throughout the five songs and therefore boredom isn’t an issue.

On a technical level, it’s solid but if you go in expecting crazy solos, extremely insane guitar riffs or super intricate drum parts, you’re definitely looking in the wrong direction. However, the guys from Richmond, Virginia pulled off putting together a catchy sixteen minute experience…which is all that counts in the end, in my humble opinion.

The vocals are, as mentioned before, clean-sung all throughout with a few screams in the mix. It’s not the kind of voice that you’ve never ever heard before but it rounds off the ensemble rather satisfyingly.

All in all, Battleghost did in no way whatsoever reinvent the wheel of pop punk, but their newest EP definitely has a raison d’ĂȘtre and it’s not a waste of time to give it a shot, which you can do by heading over to the band’s Bandcamp page! Furthermore, you can visit their Facebook page or simply check out their video below! Have fun!