Parity – Parity

Only last week I talked about how the Luxembourgish music scene seems to move a bit slower than others…and this week kind of proves my point: it’s been four, long long, years since Parity’s last release, but the wait is finally over and they’re back with a self-titled EP. Naturally I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of listening to it early and I’ll share my thoughts with you.

First off, I’ll get the negative out of the way immediately: my only gripe is that it’s, yet again, too short! At just over twenty-one minutes, it is an entire two minutes longer than its predecessor…but that’s hardly enough to satisfy the hunger. Obviously, I’m (semi) joking: art can and should not be forced!

On the bright side: the good far outweighs the bad. These five songs, one of which is a very atmospherically dark instrumental track, sound a lot more mature than what we got on Ocean and the production is also a tad more enjoyable.

As I predicted in my previous review, the vocals have improved even further, with each vocal technique being perfected in every aspect. Case in point: there is generally a lot less reverb on them and they’re performed with a lot more confidence, which makes it a pure joy from start to finish. The demonic screams, as I referred to them, are of course still there but they feel a lot more sustainable and less erratic. The fact that the song Reboot enlists the help of Scarred & Kitshicker’s Yann Dalscheid on vocals, is another added bonus that heightens this EP to the next level; especially since his vocals gel very well with the singer’s.

The instrumental side has also improved quite a bit, with a lot more playfulness and technicality on all ends. The heavier guitar riffs reveal a more refined side, with small little details sprinkled in at every opportunity. Especially the track Infact has a part toward the end that I can’t get over and it brings me joy every single time I hear it, because it’s just an immediate headbang motivator.

All in all, the quintet did everything right their second release and I know at least one person who’s looking forward to what’s next: this guy. So give the EP a spin when it drops this Friday, March 1st, and if you have no weekend plans, head to Schungfabrik for the release show of Parity! For more information, you can head to their Facebook page and be sure to listen to the duet below.