Le bagman – Profession: Meurtrier

Here comes another shorty. I have seen “Bagman” a few years ago and I came across it again today by pure accident.

I declare this Canadian flick, with a duration of 19 minutes, the best fun splatter amateur movie of all times. The story is the weakest aspect of the movie, but as so often in gory movies nobody cares about it because this is definitely much more fun than a profound story. Nevertheless I will do a brief summary: A girl wakes up in a hospital and tells a cop that she and her boyfriend were motivelessly attacked by a masked killer, who slew down the latter one. The girl succeeds in escaping but shortly after runs into a group of pseudo pimps. The Bagman insists on joining the party and the clash turns into one perfect freak show massacre. Guess who wins?! Bagman, the professional killer!

The actors are really, really bad and at first I had big difficulties to believe that this could work. In retrospect this is exactly why the movie is that damn funny. The actors know that they aren’t talented but they play with it and the bad acting is overdone on purpose. The directors completely concentrated on the splatter and gore effects and the Bagman dismembers people, detaches body parts, crushes heads and splashes in about blood and bowls while using all different kind of weapons. You can clearly see that movie and gore enthusiasts were at work here, and managed to do something completely funny and outstanding. Bagman has been made with a lot of love and sticks out the genre.

I have to say that this is one of the first times where I think that the German movie title fits better than the original. In Germany you buy the movie “Bagman – Operation Massenmord! and that’s exactly what the movie is about: A fucking Massenmord” but a damn hilarious one. Perfection!!

I have nothing more to declare. Just watch the movie and Happy Halloween.

Here is the full movie:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toXMdCazsnM]
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r62aNnXOmVw]

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