LaFaro – Easy Meat

LaFaro aroused my curiosity a few weeks ago, so I decided to buy their two releases blindly. Was it a good decision? Yes, Sir!

With their second album, Easy Meat, the boys from Belfast just lift off like a rusty rocket. Their sound compromises Thrash and (Post-)Hardcore elements, mixed with a pinch of Metal and Queens of the Stone Age. I somewhere read that this work was like QOTSA if Nick Oliveri did all the songs. I can’t really confirm this, although a few Queens-traces are not deniable, especially in Wingers + Chips, which sounds like a descendant from Quick and to the Pointless.

The most important thing is: LaFaro have developed their very own sound, which was essential, as I found the mixing of their debut too piercing and ordinary (damn, I’d love to hear Chopper is a Fuckin Tout in the new sound!). When Easy Meat hits your ears, it automatically feels more authentic, combining evil guitars with rusty agro-vocals with a crazy drumming that sounds like someone going postal at a junky yard. Lot’s of 90s music here too in my ears.

Boring? No, Sir!

As for the interludes (after nearly every single song), it seems that they are a matter of opinion. I think they’re quite annoying and unnecessary. Lots of energy is lost because of them. No Songs-For-The-Deaf-feeling here, if this was the intention. If you created a scrap press like Easy Meat, please mates, do not stop it when it has already started wrecking! As for the rest: we now know that the vocalist (is it even possible not to play the guitar in a rock band when your name is Jonny Black?) and the drummer are insane. Leave the metal part a bit aside and concentrate more on madness, then this could be huge!

Recommendations: Full Tilt, Wingers + Chips, Boke, OFF THE CHART