A few weeks ago my old pal jagaland (check out his blog here) sent me a link via direct message on twitter. I love this guy but as he has, amongst a few others of my friends, the shittiest taste in movies, I immediately thought that the short he sent me would be catastrophically ass. Nevertheless I clicked on the link and baaam I was right! Yet an other over-saturized modern bullshit zombie movie, where some people try to milk a dead cow, which in this case doesn’t come back to life.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love zombie flicks like Re-Animator, Dead Dudes In The House, Braindead, Dawn of the Dead (original), Day of the Dead (original), Night of the Living Dead, Evil Dead and stuff. I even really appreciate Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake and Land of the Dead. But for me the cult is over, the genre is dead, dead as Punk is dead (a bad allusion again).

I nearly immediately stopped watching the movie. But as it only lasts 10 minutes and as I was quite bored I gave it a try, and against all odds I was positively surprised! The short bases on an incredibly long build-up until it gets to an ending I would never have expected! I do not want to spoiler so I shut my mouth and command you to be patient and watch the film to the end. There are only three movies which made me cry like a little baby. First there is Braindead (biggest love story of all-time), then there is Tim Burton’s masterpiece Edward Scissorhands and finally there is Rest. I don’t even give a damn that the piece uses this modern over-hyped style of filming I don’t like and I don’t care that the story is at some points a bit questinable and unlogic (besides of that there is a dead man standing up out of his grave). Because in the end, all this stuff doesn’t matter anymore.

Certainly one of my favorite short movies this year!