Super Crate Box

Platform tested: iOS (iPad)

Developed by: Vlambeer

This one is quite simple, guys. 3 different levels, one easy task. Collect as many crates as possible. But beware! 3 different types of enemies will try to impede your crate collecting and each level has got 1 precipice at the bottom that turns your enemies into rabid destroyers, once they have fallen into. And this is the interesting part of the game, as it gets more and more challenging and fast-paced each time a new enemy falls into the precipice. But fortunately, a new collected crate means a new weapon for your character, be it a machinegun, rocket launcher or flamethrower. Let the rampage begin!

There really isn’t much more to add about “Super Crate Box”. It is so simple yet enjoyable to play. The perfect time waster and no-brainer. Just as I like it. Maybe the controls suck a little as it is not possible to play a jump’n run platformer properly on a touchscreen, but it’s manageable.

Go get it on your iOS device now! Vlambeer are a indie-game studio based in the Netherlands and you know you should support indie developers, don’t you?

Grab it while it’s hot! You don’t need your financial consultant’s opinion for this 2 bucks investment. Trust me.


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