Super Crate Box

Platform tested:¬†iOS (iPad) Developed by:¬†Vlambeer This one is quite simple, guys. 3 different levels, one easy task. Collect as many crates as possible. But beware! 3 different types of enemies will try to impede your crate collecting and each level has got 1 precipice at the bottom that turns your enemies into rabid destroyers, once […]

Kirby’s Adventure

Every single one of us has got his ultimate favorite videogame. When I talk to my friends about their favorite game, classics like Mario Kart, Rock’n Roll Racing, Mega Man or Zelda come up. Given the fact that I never owned a Super Nintendo as my parents knew that this would worsen my mental labilities, […]

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Published: October 2010 Developer: Team Meat Platforms: PC (Steam), Xbox Live Arcade, Wii There’s not much to say about Super Meat Boy that hasn’t been said before. Although it’s been out on the market for about a year I’ve been playing this game on Steam and on my Xbox lately and it […]