Holy Mountain – Earth Measures LP

A little more than 30 minutes of power, that’s what Holy Mountain created with their first full length Earth Measures LP.

Power can be released in different ways or appear in various shapes. Gunner, the opener, assumes a fast and dirty rock party right from the beginning, but the three Scotsmen curb the speed without losing a single bit of thrust, which results in a very doomy way of playing stoner rock.

Although slightly underproduced, the drums do a good job, however, it is the brutal bass and the merciless guitar who give a soul to this work. Very classic riffs refine the overall listening experience – it is difficult to classify Earth Measures, who powers our ears with 8 minute doom eruptions, with short stoner rock flashes or with 70s riffs. Vigorous atmosphere guaranteed.

There are in fact many bands nowadays that sound, or that want to sound like the classic formations of the 70s. The challenge is to stay fresh and authentic; a very dangerous balancing act while trying to climb this holy mountain, but this trio succeeds.

Vocals sometimes aren’t needed at all, but the moment they appear, you should be ready for really trashy and still stoner cawing from hell. Missing comparisons to other bands? Here we go: this is like Kyuss meeting Black Sabbath meeting The Melvins, and the other way round. Boredom? No chance!

Did I forget something? Oh yeah, you may also find sludgy, psychedelic and groovy parts in this half an hour mustang trip. It’s getting deeper and deeper the more you listen to it, unfortunately a bit monotone from time to time. Forgivable! This is nothing “new”, though there also is no intention to be “new”. The rocket is fueled, let’s go to Scotland!

Recommendations: Gunner, Kegs, Silent Hawk

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06eddk5ZOrI]