Australasia – Sin4tr4

Happy new year to all of our dear readers! This may be the right thing to regenerate, in case you had a hard New Year’s Eve. Today we’re having a look at Australasia. No, not the debut album from Pelican, although it seems quite obvious where the two Italians took their name from, also considering the obvious influences.

Influences would already be the catchword to start describing their debut EP: melodic metal parts mixed with classic metal, shoegaze influences, with a pinch of Isis and Pelican, electronic sections with a female humming, blast parts and everything nicely boxed in a 22 minute post-rock creation.

The cassette is being put into the shaft and the short post-rock journey begins. Very warm at the beginning, it very quickly becomes clear that this work is going to be about experimentation and breaks that make room for different styles and tempi. The soft and melodious sections often poor down the river in order to bring the listener to the next metal-like waterfall, escorted by walls of sound, spoken samples and electronic sections.

There’re many things to discover in only 22 minutes, resulting in a multi-variant listening experience. The other side of the medal tells us that this band is still looking for its own identity, sometimes losing its focus while experimenting as much as possible. The love of experimentation often makes the journey a bit bumpy, the listener might be distracted by parts that don’t seem to fit each other. Nevertheless, Sin4tr4 is a very comfortable piece of music, made for the background of short moments of relaxation.