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Heaven’s Scum – It All Ends In Pain

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The national music scene has been quite active these past few months, and yet another band from our country is about to release a record: It All Ends In Pain. That’s the title of Heaven’s Scum‘s debut album, which is a diverse mix of many different elements from the different metal genres. Combining several musical directions is always a risky business, so let’s see how it holds up, shall we?

The opener, Never Wanted, gets you really pumped with its crushing guitar riffs and fast-paced drumming, combined with growled vocals and occasional screams. This feeling lasts for another two songs, where headbanging potential waits at every corner, until it is interrupted by the first power ballad, Love, with partially clean vocals and a generally more melodic instrumental approach. A pattern that is mostly repeated throughout the fifteen songs.

The production of the album is rather old-school, with a genuine authenticity to it, but also in some parts a bit weak on the guitar sound, making it occasionally hard to distinguish the different riffs. It doesn’t take away too much of the listening pleasure though, so no points deducted there.

The vocals are the thing that impressed me the most, since the singer has a rather interesting range and is not afraid to take a chance on some unconventional singing methods. While some of those techniques are not exactly perfect, they add a nice flavor to these fifty-eight minutes which prevents repetition. There are two excellent examples of his vocal prowess: Inferno and I Don’t Know, which funnily enough come one after the other on the record.

All in all, It All Ends In Pain is not what I would consider a perfect record, to be honest, but one can clearly notice that the band has potential and is not lacking the skill to compose great songs. My advice would have been to maybe shorten the record a bit, and focus on one more specific style; because the few slow songs, that are inter-thrown, interrupt the listening experience quite a bit. I, for one, am looking forward to the band’s evolution from here on out, and I’m confident that with time they will find their ideal sound. For more information, be sure to visit their Facebook page and listen to the song below. If you like what you hear, be sure to head to Soul Kitchen on April 19th, where Heaven’s Scum will be playing their release show!

Trash Monday LXXXVII

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“Although the Nail lineup consists of veterans of internationally successful recording/touring acts, the group is currently unsigned and remains independently managed. NAIL official website is www.nailband.com” (source:nailband.com)

Can somebody please tell me why this amazing Canadian progressive heavy rock/metal band is still unsigned??

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOWmgtqOqhw&feature=youtu.be]

Eyehategod – In The Name Of Suffering

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The recent passing of Eyehategod’s drummer extraordinaire Joey Lacaze has had me revisiting all of their full-length releases from the very beginnings to the latest one this week. On this first occasion of writing for El Gore, I’m going to address one of my personal favorites from all of their musical productions, and also the one we could consider as their “first”: In the Name of Suffering.

For those of you who aren’t avid listeners of anything that has to do with sludge, stoner or doom, this band and album might not exactly appeal to your senses. Hell, I’d even advise people with sensitive brain cells to stay the fuck away from it, given the risk of severe irreparable trauma. But for listeners who thrive off of listening to music of this caliber, such as myself, this one is without question an incredible dose of vein-induced raw, ton-weighting, atmospheric misanthropic loudness, with lyrics ranging from themes such as drug abuse, self-hatred, depression and suicide to misery and murder. Straight from the beginning, with hymns of sludge like “Depress”, “Man Is Too Ignorant to Exist”, “Run It into the Ground”, the brutally hilarious “Godsong” (with the guest sampled quotes of Charles Manson) to the ending, and the one I think is my personal favorite, “Left to Starve”.

In the Name of Suffering is one of the few albums out there in the extreme music world that is, for lack of a better description, authentic, original, and scary for some. Their entire style and set up leaves the listener convinced that what they are hearing is real, regardless of whether or not they like it. It’s made clear that it’s not just a group of people trying to be extreme or shocking for the sake of it. From the swamps of Louisiana and the dark corners of New Orleans, it’s legitimate piss and vinegar coming straight to your melting ears.

This very first brew made Eyehategod pioneers of heavy music, and the release itself became one of the first of its kind, and certainly an essential pillar within the family. It’s the sort of album that can, and should be appreciated for how it has influenced the genre and paved the way for a number of solid albums. It’s certainly a genre-defining release. Influencing what came after, and a testimony to how Eyehategod would only get better with posterior albums.

Highly recommended to fans of sludge, doom, stoner or drone metal in general.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOi2Eg2yYKY]

This review was written by our new freelancer Victor!

Skincrack – …and Here Comes The Steamroller!

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In fact the steamroller comes a little slowly, but those machines aren’t really known for being race cars but for their power. Power is the quality Skincrack want to broadcast with their debut album, although the opener seems to have a few problems, being a more punkish song compared to the coming outbursts that float somewhere between punk, metal and stoner rock. Walk Away’s refrain melody nevertheless is pretty catchy before a harder riff disrupts it and leaves us with the way darker New. Sombre vocals (I guess there are two singers sharing the vocal parts on the LP) guide trough a solid rock song that doesn’t fear to combine metal-like screams with melodic parts.

One feeling that won’t vanish throughout …and Here Comes The Steamroller! concerns the impression of having heard lots of those parts already in the 90s. Cut Into Pieces then very clearly opens the metal stage for the listeners, and in the beginning you may think that a different band is screaming at you right now. Before coming to a slow end, the song is very straight, making it the strongest of all the coming outbursts in which one often gets the impression of a band trying too hard instead of just mercilessly jumping trough the wall.

The fact that even the feeling of good old grunge arises sometimes just confirms the 90s spirit mentioned above. The vocal style of the “main” vocalist (correct me if I’m wrong) unfortunately takes a lot of power away, being a roughly barking dog that would perfectly fit into an aggressive punk band.

The songs off the second half sometimes offer an impression of crudeness or portliness, which often destroys the flow of the first songs. Celebrity may be considered as an exception, displaying a similar directness as in Cut Into Pieces. The heaviness doesn’t disappear, mission “power” is at least accomplished. Skincrack seem to still be looking for their own style and there surely is much to improve considering song composition and creativity. But you can give these guys a chance in those minutes you just want to be crushed by a steamroller or something.

Trash Monday LXXIV

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Listen to this great song and watch the most epic metal video ever shot! Suicidal Black Metal takes on a completely new meaning.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIEb3t0jm_U]

BUTE – Crustatomic

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Crustcore/Punk, Powerviolence have re-gained a lot of „popularity“ over the last years and like every time something gets popular, cool and trendy the market becomes congested and newbies find it difficult to distinguish and to pick up the best stuff (although this is subjective most of the time). If you are an amateur when it comes to Crust, you absolutely have to check out pioneer bands like Amebix, Doom, Crass, Discharge and co. If you are into the genre I don’t tell you something new but instead have something “different” for you: BUTE

The French duo was formed in late 2012 and they released their first Ep In Trust We Crust in October and it really hit me. Soon after, I discovered that they would record a second Ep in March and I decided to make some publicity for the newest 9 song output, Crustatomic.
To make it simple, BUTE play modern and violent Crust/Powerviolence. The music is dirty, the tempo is fast, the voice consists of aggressive shrieks and shouts and everything is over in +/-16 min. Whereas the In Trust We Crust record was more Grindcore/extreme metal orientated the band took a different, a more punk-ish approach on Crustatomic, which gets quite obvious in songs like Fils de Bute, Die 4 Diy and Scorebute. In the end all you hear is some honest music with a lot of humour embedded in a DIY Punk corset. BUTE certainly did not invent a new genre or play something completely new but they somehow managed to create a unique sound, which may be due to the drum computer the band uses. Talking about the drum computer, I have my first (and only) complaint. Personally, the drum machine is not a bad idea at all but I also think that with a real drummer the music would gain momentum. As mentioned before, Crust is a  dirty and raw extreme subgenre where a perfectly timed drum machine seems to be an overkill sometimes.

Give these guys a chance! Listen to the Ep on their bandcamp. Share the music and support DIY Punk!

Trash Monday LVI

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Hammerfall helped the Swedish national curling team to prepare for the great battle in 2006, also known as the XX Olympic Winter Games which were held in Turin. Having this video up the sleeve it is completely logical that the Swedish women won the gold medal and curling eclipsed ice hockey and figure skating during these games. HAIL Hammerfall! HAIL Curling!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAtBVRFD_Zg]

Australasia – Sin4tr4

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Happy new year to all of our dear readers! This may be the right thing to regenerate, in case you had a hard New Year’s Eve. Today we’re having a look at Australasia. No, not the debut album from Pelican, although it seems quite obvious where the two Italians took their name from, also considering the obvious influences.

Influences would already be the catchword to start describing their debut EP: melodic metal parts mixed with classic metal, shoegaze influences, with a pinch of Isis and Pelican, electronic sections with a female humming, blast parts and everything nicely boxed in a 22 minute post-rock creation.

The cassette is being put into the shaft and the short post-rock journey begins. Very warm at the beginning, it very quickly becomes clear that this work is going to be about experimentation and breaks that make room for different styles and tempi. The soft and melodious sections often poor down the river in order to bring the listener to the next metal-like waterfall, escorted by walls of sound, spoken samples and electronic sections.

There’re many things to discover in only 22 minutes, resulting in a multi-variant listening experience. The other side of the medal tells us that this band is still looking for its own identity, sometimes losing its focus while experimenting as much as possible. The love of experimentation often makes the journey a bit bumpy, the listener might be distracted by parts that don’t seem to fit each other. Nevertheless, Sin4tr4 is a very comfortable piece of music, made for the background of short moments of relaxation.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7juxkQvnWw&]