Heaven’s Scum – It All Ends In Pain

The national music scene has been quite active these past few months, and yet another band from our country is about to release a record: It All Ends In Pain. That’s the title of Heaven’s Scum‘s debut album, which is a diverse mix of many different elements from the different metal genres. Combining several musical […]

Trash Monday LXXXVII

“Although the Nail lineup consists of veterans of internationally successful recording/touring acts, the group is currently unsigned and remains independently managed. NAIL official website is www.nailband.com” (source:nailband.com) Can somebody please tell me why this amazing Canadian progressive heavy rock/metal band is still unsigned?? [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOWmgtqOqhw&feature=youtu.be]

Eyehategod – In The Name Of Suffering

The recent passing of Eyehategod’s drummer extraordinaire Joey Lacaze has had me revisiting all of their full-length releases from the very beginnings to the latest one this week. On this first occasion of writing for El Gore, I’m going to address one of my personal favorites from all of their musical productions, and also the […]

Skincrack – …and Here Comes The Steamroller!

In fact the steamroller comes a little slowly, but those machines aren’t really known for being race cars but for their power. Power is the quality Skincrack want to broadcast with their debut album, although the opener seems to have a few problems, being a more punkish song compared to the coming outbursts that float […]

BUTE – Crustatomic

Crustcore/Punk, Powerviolence have re-gained a lot of „popularity“ over the last years and like every time something gets popular, cool and trendy the market becomes congested and newbies find it difficult to distinguish and to pick up the best stuff (although this is subjective most of the time). If you are an amateur when it […]

Trash Monday LVI

Hammerfall helped the Swedish national curling team to prepare for the great battle in 2006, also known as the XX Olympic Winter Games which were held in Turin. Having this video up the sleeve it is completely logical that the Swedish women won the gold medal and curling eclipsed ice hockey and figure skating during […]