The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer

What’s the sense of Parental Advisory stickers, nowadays? I mean, seriously; is cussing really that kind of big deal to society? Wouldn’t you prefer to hear your beloved daughter cursing in pain than seeing her preggers?

One of us is the killer by The Dillinger Escape Plan is the cursing therapy against all odds. But one should still rethink the concept of the Parental Advisory campaign. In my honest opinion, health warnings adorning future Dillinger Escape Plan releases would make more sense to me. Quotes like the following would be more appropriate:

  1. “Do not listen to this album if you suffer from ADHD. You will explode and die.”
  2. “Do not listen to this album if you suffer from Parkinsons. Fukushima was bad enough and you will die.”
  3. “Do not listen to this album if you have Diabetes. You’re going to die anyway.”

See, it’s not my main goal to analyze and describe each track of this album as that is beyond my writing and rhetorical capacities. The Dillinger Escape Plan are pure madness. Always were, always will be. Not music for wimps. Chaotic to the max and quite challenging to be listened from first to last track. But it’s mad fun! Almost as enjoyable as riding a steroid-pumped mechanical bull.

If it was my purpose to describe the band and the music they create I had one special example. It is no secret that music styles like Djent are the big deal right now. Just imagine Djent as the single player campaign in a shooter game. You enjoyed the whole experience and brag about your achievements until you dare to play the multiplayer modus for the first time. One of us is the killer is the multiplayer platform. You see your whole world tumbling into decadence. Everything you knew until then was a lie. You will see and hear things you never thought existed (*cough* Lemonparty *cough*). Just like a trainwreck, One of us is a killer is cruel but you cannot look away.

Did I say anything relevant about the album? I sure didn’t. Did I make you curious, though? I sure hope so!