Mr. Oizo – Amicalement

Expect the unexpected, kids. You never really know what Mr. Oizo a.k.a. Quentin Dupieux‘s up to when it comes to a new release. Except that it’s gonna be electronic, trashy and yet geeky as fuck.

Amicalement‘s got every ingredient disposable that characterizes Mr. Oizo‘s sound and there’s still room for a surprising collaboration with Marilyn Manson on the second track Solid, which is a sick masterpiece. With 4 tracks on this EP, I have to admit that it’s just the right amount of electronic banter / genius you probably need in order to love or hate this guy even more; there’s no in between! If this is the way French electronic music should sound like, I’m all in!

You can currently get the EP for free on Mr. Oizo‘s fantastic website that looks and feels like an old Macintosh system or you can play some cool beats and samples on his Shit MPC, which also is a nice and  original gimmick.

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