Mambo – Bertier

It’s finally time to review some mathrock extravaganza, this time introducing the 4 piece band Mambo from Belgium with their first LP Bertier. They recently played a show in town with Mutiny on the bounty and Dirty Crows and we were lucky enough to get an early insight into their debut.

The style is something between Honey for Petzi and Don Caballero, not too technical but still challenging head mathematics, which is just the perfect balance for an enjoyable experience. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m totally into math rockish stuff but when it’s just too technical you feel bad for your brain not being able to cope with auditory overstimulation.

The 10 songs on Bertier offer enough diversification, whilst keeping the high rhythm up for most of the time. Krokodile Junkie reminds me of the band Piglet, which is pretty cool and songs like Tokyo Tripot or Renfort Caisse have this unmistakeable, typical groove and edgyness of the genre; credits given to the drums and bass section here.

Don’t think of Mambo as a generic math band, there’s too much talent in this combo to be classified as such. Make up your own opinion and go see them live, as they are on tour right now!

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