MWTE – Attraction To Light

I’ve been following the career of electronic trio¬†MWTE from Metz quite closely for a while because I’m a huge fan of their first release, and on Friday two weeks ago I finally held their second (and first physical) EP in my hands: Attraction To Light. The artwork left the first fair impression. There is something magical about vinyls, as evidenced by their revived popularity, and coupled with gorgeous artwork, the aesthetic and emotional appeal of them is heightened even more. Kudos to madeByhujo alias Victor Ferreira for capturing the mood of the record so well.

The EP consists of two original songs and two remixes of each by Herr2003, Armagnac, Sun Glitters and Chapelier Fou. It also features Camille Delvecchio of Grand Blanc, who provides the vocals for Dead And Gone.

The title track, Attraction To Light, immediately draws you in with its soothing, pulsating beat. It hits the perfect balance between relaxing and engaging. Personally, I’ve been listening to it while studying and writing, because it doesn’t impose itself enough to distract you from whatever you might be doing, but still induces vibrations in your brain that motivate you to be active in some way. The first remix by Herr2003 brings about much the same effect at first, though it is decidedly more housey and bouncy and will make you want to get up halfway through and start dancing like the devil. The Armagnac remix feels like a different piece altogether, except for some tiny glimmers of familiarity sprinkled throughout. It maintains the distinct house influence of the previous track but wraps it up in a less frenetic whole.

Then the Attraction To Light chapter closes, and along comes Dead And Gone. It is just an incredible song. Iconic, almost. I can envision it in a fancy commercial or as the title track of a movie. Camille Delvecchio’s beautiful vocals enhanced by echo effects and MWTE‘s dreamy style work together excellently. I hope they will collaborate more in the future, because that is — quite literally, from a sonic standpoint — a match made in heaven. Sun Glitters does not take half-measures with his take on the song, as it brims over with grandiose effects. I have to admit that it’s my least favourite track, which is mostly due to the lofty standards the original set, and also the outstanding work by Chapelier Fou. The final remix is a mellow masterpiece with a melancholically ethereal edge, such a divine cherry on top of a wonderful, wonderful record.

The only downside is that it left me wanting more, but I’m sure the guys will take care of that with such an overwhelmingly positive response from the listeners. I advise you keep an eye on them too, because, to let you in on a secret: I believe they will be big. They have all the credentials to go far in their genre and proved it beyond doubt with Attraction To Light.

You can listen to MWTE‘s new EP on Soundcloud and buy it here, show them some love on Facebook and follow them on Tumblr for additional updates.

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