Sublind – Thrashing Delirium

Thrash is dead. Now, I know that’s a dangerous statement, so don’t get me wrong: thrash metal is anything but dead, but even the classic bands have adapted the modern sound that is so commonplace these days…and I guess that’s what happens at some point in the career of most bands. However, there are a fair share of new bands emerging that swim against the current and stick to the old school thrash that so many people love. I’m proud to say that one of these is resident in our little country and goes by the name of Sublind. To make things better, I’m happy to say that the five guys are releasing their debut album Thrashing Delirium this month…so let’s take a look at it, shall we?

The moment you start the forty-three minute musical journey, you are bombarded with pure metal and everything you, as a fan of the genre or as a newcomer, could hope for is condensed on this record: fast-paced riffs that convey aggressiveness through their simple but shit-stirring nature, relentless drumming that will make the headbanging set in even earlier than healthy and last but not least raw and powerful vocals.

It’s interesting to note that the quintet did not have the intention of having a perfect sounding album when they started recording these ten songs, which is why it’s not over-produced in any way whatsoever. The drums are not triggered, the string instruments aren’t quantized and, if you hadn’t guessed it, there is no auto-tune or other correction on the vocals. While some people might argue that’s a cheap excuse for a bad sound…I share the strong opinion that it conveys just what this music should be all about: attitude! And besides…the final product sounds pretty damn good, but be your own judge of that.

The lyrics are mostly of a slightly clichĂ© nature, with such topics as drinking, war and having sex with dead people…what? While Shakespeare might twist in his grave at some of the lines, I, for one, love this approach…since it makes for great sing-alongs at gigs! The vocals are mostly screamed, with a few excursions into high-pitched screams, and are generally well performed but they are also the only thing where I could imagine a small improvement through a bit more variation.

To round things off, there is probably one of the best drinking anthems on here…in the form of the Luxembourgish song Humpeknupper! More information can be found on the band’s Facebook page and you can get an impression by checking out the song below. Last but not least, if you have no plans this Saturday, February 15th, be sure to head to the CafĂ© Remelenger Stuff in Rumelange, since that’s where the release party will be held! UH!

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