King Goat – King Goat EP

Before I start today’s review, I should probably say that I am by no means a big doom metal connoisseur, I have had a few minor encounters when I was still looking for the direction I wanted to take and that’s about it. So please excuse the lack of comparisons that the aficionados among you might be able to find. Anyways! Brighton-based King Goat are on the menu today, with their self-titled EP!

Released in December 2013, the three-track record is actually quite diverse despite the low amount of songs: a multitude of riffs in each song, under-laid with drums that don’t try to stand out too much and rather deliver a great a supporting performance keep the listener from getting bored anytime soon.

Although there’s only three songs, the total playtime comes to about twenty-seven minutes. That length is mostly due to the thirteen minute opener, The Final Decline, which spends about two-thirds of its time in building up momentum step by step before erupting in doomy glory. I do have to say that the build-up is a bit too long for my taste, but I get what the quintet is aiming for, so I tip my hat to them.

While the production is really tight and clean, it doesn’t overdo it…thus achieving a warm and fitting sound. But my personal highlight is definitely the vocalist, who has a plethora of different singing styles in his repertoire and is, in my opinion, the main driving force on the EP. Especially his clean vocals reminded me in some parts of Ozzy in his glory days…free goosebumps included.

All in all, the blokes did everything right and I can heartily recommend giving them a listen…especially since you can legally download their stuff for free below! For more info, go to their Facebook page and if you are in the general vicinity of Brighton…go check ’em out live!