Feradur – Parakosm

Those that know me personally, know that there are very few words that I enjoy hearing more than “you were right”. And in today’s review I can say, to myself, that I was right! While that is very self-serving, I’m sure that you’ll agree, as well, since Feradur has managed to fix the only gripe I had with their previous record on their most recent output Parakosm. But more about that later, let’s see what the new EP has to offer!

After having found its sound on its 2019 full-length, Legion, the quintet continues to further fine-tune it and showcases an even more mature and coherent songwriting than before. Just as was the case previously, every song has at least one hook that will get stuck in your head after the first listen, but I’d argue that this time around the transitions between the different parts are even smoother.

I am very happy to report that the mixing of these five songs does not give me the same muddy sound that I was complaining about on the predecessor and that every single one of the delicious riffs is as crisp as a fresh potato chip! The same goes for the drums of course, which I find have taken a step back in terms of speed but therefore two steps forward in technicality.

There is really nothing I can say about the vocals that I haven’t said last time: they are as strong and well-enunciated as before, but I think I’m having a slight preference for the singer’s higher pitched screams that I feel have improved just the tiniest smidgen. Lyrically-speaking this EP might have the most sing-along friendly choruses I have heard in melodic death metal in a while. Which might not be for everyone but I absolutely dig it! One thing that I’m at the same time confused about but also fully welcome is a guest vocal spot of local growl-guru Boerdi on the opener: his vocals are so similar to the singer’s that I didn’t even notice he was on there until I read the liner notes before writing this. But then again: it’s a Boerdi feature so you’d be a fool to complain about it!

Last but not least, I must say that I’m definitely a full-length album guy…in general. But these twenty-six minutes are exactly the right length to satisfy me (that’s what she said!) and leave me craving for more. While the pandemic must have aided in the swift release of these tunes, I would absolutely welcome it if more (local) bands released EPs more regularly rather, than holding onto material until they have forty or fifty minutes of material. Just my two cents.

But I digress: Parakosm is a top notch addition to the catalog of a band without which I can’t imagine the Luxembourgish metal scene anymore. Here’s to many more, lads! If you want to keep up with Feradur head over to their Facebook page and be sure to check the video below for what might be my favorite song! Also, be sure to listen to the entire EP this Friday, April 30th!