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Trash Monday CXL

That’s it, folks!

We’ve decided to stop the whole Trash Monday thing as of today. We hope you enjoyed watching these hilarious music videos as much as we enjoyed finding them.

We might bring back a similar concept at some point in the future, but for now we are focussing on what we, arguably, do best: reviews!

Trash Monday CXXXIX

“It has a thousand names.” I’ll let you find out what he’s referring to on your own…

Trash Monday CXXXVIII

Another prime example of amazing French electro music with a hilarious music video.

Trash Monday CXXXVII

Awful Songs About Fat Booty, Pt. II.

Trash Monday CXXXVI

The name of the band explains the weird, but awesome, video clip. Remember, kids: drugs are bad, m’kay?

Trash Monday CXXXV

If you believe the recentĀ controversies surrounding this guy, “WDGAF” is far from the worst thing he has ever spawned. Still, it’s… unfortunate.

Trash Monday CXXXIV

The song might be a modern classic…but the video just makes no sense whatsoever. Even Slash himself has no clue what it’s about.

Trash Monday CXXXII

I never knew the video of this song was this trashy…enjoy!

Trash Monday CXXXI

If this counts as metal…then I might consider switching to pop permanently. Special thanks to Luc Francois for this one!

Trash Monday CXXX

Drugs. That’s all I have to say about that.