Trash Monday VI

Were you born in the late 80′s? Have you experienced the Euro-Trash epoch in the mid-90′s? Do you remember? Do you want to reminisce your fond memories of the best music genre there ever was? Here it is, K2 with “Der Berg ruft”. In case you watch a certain Munich-based TV channel on a daily […]

Trash Monday V

I really like Immortal, also because they don’t take the whole Black Metal stuff that serious, which makes them more likeable and less embarassing! The Call of the Wintermoon is a great song and the video is even greater! Thanks to Abbath and co. for this hilarious piece of art! [youtube]

Trash Monday II

This video is, in every single way, absolutely perfect! From the guitars to the hair, from the music to the quality of the video. Although I know this song for quite some years now, I am still speechles. “Enjoyyyyyyyyy” -Jürgen Klopp- [youtube]