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Going Away Party – Going Away Party

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I’ve said it a thousand times before: I fucking love pop punk! On the other hand there’s a genre that I used to avoid in my teens, because I couldn’t get into it, but grown quite fond of at a later age and that is emo…opposite day, I know right? Either way: Going Away Party unites both worlds, with a definite emphasis on the latter genre, on their self-titled debut album and I want to rave a bit about it.

The trio’s music has this really old-school emo feel to it, complete with slightly wonky playing, an angsty atmosphere and simple but effective melodies, that just manages to appeal to fans of the genre. Especially during the drum parts, I noticed a handful of hick-ups such as several out-of-beat parts, but rather than perfecting it digitally, they stayed in the mix, which gives them so much more character.

The riffs during the eleven tracks are nothing you’ve never heard before, and they’re also kept quite simple, but they simply work so perfectly in the ensemble. It’s also where you can find the pop punk elements, due to the truly enjoyable melodies and the resulting catchiness. In terms of tempo, there’s a couple of more up-beat songs and some slower ones, which altogether make for a fairly diverse experience.

The major selling point for enthusiasts are the raspy, yet whiny, vocals that display so much charisma. Along with the “gentle” screams and the truly cliché lyrics, it feels so nostalgic that I can’t help but love what the Brits put together. The vast majority of the thirty-nine minutes deals with lost love, teenage-angst and the tracks all convey a deeply melancholic vibe.

To sum things up, Going Away Party definitely don’t reinvent the wheel, quite the contrary actually: they put a wheel to use that was forgotten for a long time, and in doing so they show that it can still drive as smoothly as in its prime. So, if you too miss those long-gone days of good emo music, don’t hesitate and check out their self-titled debut which drops on June 8th! In the meantime, you can head over to their Facebook page and sadly not listen to the song below, because there’s nothing online yet.

Nai Harvest – Whatever

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What is probably worse than not having a new attire for next summer? Yup, you got it, not having a soundtrack for next summer, the one steady companion for your drives to the beach or to the lake, like we do here in Luxembourg. I was worried that I would not have a cool record for this year as Wavves‘ King of the beach was growing old on me and the time was right to discover something new and fresh.

Fortunately enough, Lauren from Inception Press was kind enough to provide us with new material; this time with Sheffield’s noodly emo-punk duo Nai Harvest‘s newest release Whatever and I must say that this record’s got enough potential to become my new favourite record for the next weeks.

The opening track Whatever is a nice mix between mathy riffs and a cool apathic punk rock attitude. The vocals are everything but polished or clean but that’s what makes this band remarkably pleasant.

Floor‘s carelessness totally kicks in from the very beginning. Following the same scheme as on the first track, the track varies from a cocky beginning to a jolty drum part that is clumsy and awesome, it kinda reminds me if Blink 182 had sex with Born Ruffians, with the result being Nai Harvest.

One of my favourite tracks is Distance, etc., because it best reflects the band’s identity; which is simple, uncompromising music freshened up with a brazen attitude. Nai Harvest haven’t reinvented this famous wheel everyone’s talking about when it comes to music but they surely have their own sound and identity.

The only downside is that a lot of songs have the same structure, which is kind of a pity; as the album tends to get too repetitive but with a total playtime of 28 minutes, Whatever is just the right intermezzo between a depressive winter with lots of melancholic music and a hormone-pumped summer with too much electro and STDs and what do I know…

There might be people moaning about the band’s musical perfomance being too banal, simple or rough; but I honestly prefer to party with these guys on stage than having a wank while listening to Dream Theater. It’s all about taking the right decisions, eh?


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxxu54iIdak]