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I The Mighty – Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go

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I would consider myself to be someone follows a lot of bands in the post-hardcore scene and thus is usually up-to-date with the evolution of the genre and the tendencies that it’s taken in the past few years. One such direction is that many bands have changed their sound into something, for lack of a better word, more radio-friendly; a fact that I don’t mind since a good record does not necessarily need screams, or mosh parts. While some listeners absolutely despise change and subsequently claim that the bands have sold out, I’d like to argue that it all lies in the execution. While I don’t like to Gossip, there is definitely a recent entry in the catalog of bands that I listen to, where the new style has failed quite spectacularly. But enough opening monologue: today I have the pleasure of writing about I The Mighty‘s new record Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go, which does it right!

Upon the first listen, it is undeniably obvious that the quartet has taken a step back and fine-tuned their sound into a tamer version of their former selves. However, the trademark ITM sound is still there: well thought-out rhythmic patterns brought to life by energetic performances and painted over with the distinctive vocals. I feel like the main aspect that was altered is the guitar sound, which is mostly void of distortion and fast-paced riffing; opting instead for chords and a cleaner sound. But fret not! There are some “old-school” sounding gems that can be found among these forty-nine minutes…and they are true bangers!

Where the Californians definitely stand out are the two most important features in music, to me: coherent and captivating songwriting, as well as intelligent lyrics or themes. A fact that many bands tend to forget when they change their sound. There is one song, called Sleepwalker, that stood out to me immediately due to it checking both those boxes and, on top of that, being catchy right off the bat! Another aspect where WTMWTG gets bonus points, is the order of the individual eleven songs, which is the perfect simulation of a roller-coaster. Just when you think you’ve heard all the record has to offer, it hits you with another looping!

As mentioned previously, lyrics are an extremely important factor when it comes to my personal enjoyment of music and, to no surprise, this third full-length is filled to the brim with memorable lines and clever analogies, which make every new listening a joy. The vocal performance itself is also as top-notch as was to be expected, albeit with fewer screams, but therefore a special gem in the form of a guest appearance by Dance Gavin Dance‘s Tilian Pearson on Silver Tongues, which can be found below.

All in all, Where The Mind Wants To Go/Where You Let It Go is not only a worthy follow-up to its predecessor, but also a very well-executed transition toward appealing to a larger audience. I am convinced that I The Mighty have bright days ahead of them, and I can’t wait to hear the general reaction to this record! In the meantime, you can head to their Facebook page and keep up with their doings until this Friday, October 20th, when the record is released!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnfEONkyopA]

I The Mighty – Connector

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The biggest, and only, fear I always have when I discover a new(comer) band with a brilliant debut album, is whether their next album can live up to my, naturally, high expectations. I’m not going to lie: I’ve been sorely disappointed in the past, and I know that it will most likely happen at least a dozen more times in the future…but when I The Mighty, one of my favorites of 2013, released their new record Connector on June 2nd, I was relieved to find out that all my hopes had been fulfilled! Which is why I just can’t pass up on delivering a belated review!

The Californians have stayed true to their post-hardcore roots, but I feel like they built upon that foundation and expanded it tenfold: everything just seems even richer and fuller than on Satori, and is simply a pure delight from start to finish. One thing that the quartet has always had going for itself, was their ability to write catchy, yet complex and technical, songs and let me reassure you that they have not lost that talent, as is perfectly showcased during these twelve new songs!

Each musician shines in his own way, be it through addictive groove in the drumming, spiced up with some delicious fills; through beautiful melodies on the guitar in stark contrast to some truly slamming riffs, or through enjoyable bass lines that provide a clear line through the forty-four minutes. Connector also sees the implication of some select few synthesized sounds, that, while not strictly necessary in my opinion, provide a nice change to the aural spectrum.

While the entire instrumentation is worth listening to on its own, especially when it transcends into epically built-up explosions of energy, the cherry on the musical cake definitely comes in the form of the phenomenal performance of the vocalist. Covering a wide range of styles with his beautiful clean vocals, his powerful and heartfelt screams and most of all his prowess in melodious vocal patterns, I could listen to this guy day in, day out.

As last time, there is very little for me to criticize about I The Mighty‘s new output, except the fact that one song/interlude could have been scratched from the record, since it steals a bit of the power from an else very strong album…so what are you waiting you for? Head over to the band’s Facebook page for more information, be sure to watch the fabulous single-shot music video below and, if you like what you hear, buy the friggin’ record! And trust me: it’s a grower! …that’s what…she…said…?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82YflttlO7g]

I The Mighty – Satori

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Post-hardcore fans rejoice: the drought is finally over! June marks the release of I The Mighty‘s debut album Satori which, to me, is the first true release of the genre this year! When the band released their single Speak To Me in April I was severely stoked and was expecting to be completely blown away by the entire thing. Want to know whether my hopes were fulfilled? Read on then.

To be blunt with you: the quartet from San Francisco does in no shape or form introduce any new elements to the genre, but instead use the known elements with utter perfection. Starting with the musicianship, the guitars are in perfect tandem and deliver an endless shower of riffs which are mostly in the melodic department but also cross to the heavy side every now and then. The drums and the bass are on the exact same level of pure goodness and keep the groove going at all times, giving the ensemble the appropriate background.

Luckily, the production does the thirteen songs justice in every way, which makes the experience even more enjoyable. However, it doesn’t stop there. These guys just know how to write interesting and well-thought out songs which is definitely noticeable, especially after consecutive listening sessions. Trust me, these fifty-two minutes will become shorter every time you re-listen to them.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you are treated to a top notch singer whose vocals have quite a broad spectrum, ranging from cleans to screams in pretty much every pitch you can imagine. In addition there are guest vocals by Colleen D’Agostino of the band The Material on the song Four Letter Words, which simply give the song the extra special flavor it needs to be among my favorites on the record.

If you are wondering if there’s any downside to this record then I have to disappoint you: nope. It has quickly catapulted itself to my top 5 releases of the year thus far and even though I am still expecting quite a few good albums, I wouldn’t be angry if this was the pinnacle of 2013. I absolutely urge you to listen to it, whether you are into post-hardcore or not. For more information you can go to the band’s Facebook page, and the above-mentioned song can be heard below. Enjoy and you stay classy, San Diego…err San Francisco.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo0JPviuK5c]