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Sun Glitters – Scattered Into Light

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Victor Ferreira alias Sun Glitters presented his fans with a new LP in November last year, and we finally got around to giving Scattered Into Light, which exceeds its predecessor Everything Could Be Fine in playtime by a little less than 20 minutes, a closer listen. This time around, the Luxembourg-based chillwave artist teamed up with Sara Cappai of Italian dream-pop outfit Diverting Duo, whose soft voice with the slight accent shining through at times really adds to the moony, faraway feel of the record.

As I just hinted at, Sun Glitters’ key vibe has remained the same: Eric wrote in early 2013 that his sound is “very melancholic and plunges the listener into a dreamy mood”, and I fully subscribe to this statement. It’s a solid chillwave album, suited as background music on slow days, but it strikes me as rather monotonous and repetitive without any particularly outstanding moments.

However, the acoustic version of Too Much To Lose — which is my favourite Sun Glitters track in its original form — is a nice surprise to conclude the album. It works very well stripped down and reveals a certain kind of charm that wasn’t as easy to detect with an array of computer-generated effects piled on top.

Out of the remaining songs, Only You and Feeling Young are my personal highlights in terms of atmosphere, but even those seem interchangeable and don’t move me enough to elicit an enthusiastic response. Then again, I’m not the world’s greatest aficionado of the genre, so don’t take my opinion as gospel and give the album a chance anyway. It might just tickle your particular fancy.

Ferreira is fairly active on social media, so you have plenty of opportunities to keep up with what he’s doing. I recommend following him on Facebook and Tumblr, and don’t hesitate to check out the video for Only You by Luxembourgish film collective This Is Radar that I linked below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MLhthz4IJ8]

Sun Glitters – Everything Could Be Fine

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In case you’ve never heard of Sun Glitters before, it’s the new project from Luxembourg’s well known artist Victor Ferreira, formerly known as Sug(R)cane. What used to be downtempo electronica is now an ocean of lush melodies, as described on his website, or chillwave; as most of us call it. What can we expect? Let’s say Sun Glitters is a neat mixture between Gold Panda, Burial and Four Tet with a sound that is very melancholic and plunges the listener into a dreamy mood (quite fitting for this time of year).

Songs like A dragonfly in the city remind me of Burial’s Untrue album, which is meant as a compliment, for that album was a milestone when it came out and I really like the gloomy atmosphere on that track. There are also “groovier” titles like Everything could be fine or the opener Beside Me, which is a very good opening title as the album really gets the listener’s attention from the first to the last second without getting too repetitive or predictable. Honestly, it’s the perfect soundtrack during a roadtrip at sunrise.

The only downside of the album is the total playtime which is 27 minutes! I mean, I don’t want to sound like a spoilt child, but if you pamper me with such good tunes I want more of it than just a small foreplay! In case you read this, senhor Ferreira, I want more! Thank you!