Dirty Crows Album Pre-Production Day 4

“Don’t think, PLAY!“ Is for sure the most used, NOT overused, sentence in the “Fiction tent”. I really like this approach and after a few initial difficulties it is also the band who tries to change their attitude into a less forced one. Playing by what you feel and not what by what you have (strictly) defined. It is all about feeling the music.

The band is still aroused by an inspirational atmosphere and they already have re-created 6 songs. The result is stunning and I especially dig Daniel’s “new” style of hitting that bitch of a drum kit.

The eating was great again. Thanks to Liz and to the guys for the leftövers ;).  After the delicious “Gromprenzaloot”, Cés and Ben from Inborn paid a visit to the Laduno and had a beer with us.

The band just as ElGore are really going to miss these inspiring, enjoyable and funny times in the Fiction.

ps: Jan just thinks too much instead of just playing Smack Down 2, that’s why he lost his match against Marc!