Trash Monday LXII

It’s time to show you one of the worst videos that Luxembourg has seen. With its terrible acting, horrendous music, and atrocious directing…this one surely takes the throne of worst music video EVER! The El Gore team assures that it will never promote such low quality in any form. [youtube]

Rock de Stéier 2013 Concert Review

Last Saturday was an occasion for celebration in Tuntange: the 10th anniversary of the famous Rock De Stéier. This local concert has its origins in 2003 and was an annual gathering of local bands until 2006 when it went on an indefinite hiatus. The Club des Jeunes Tuntange decided to call the idea back to […]

EMF 10th Anniversary Concert

Last Saturday the El Gore team went on a little trip to the west of the country; to be more precise to Folschette where the E.M.F., short for Éisleker Metal Frënn, held a big concert for their ten year existence. The five of us arrived a bit before 4PM and were greeted with our backstage […]

Dirty Crows – Got No Chance Against Rock’N’Roll

A sludgy and pretty threatening intro already hints at what the boys from Dirty Crows have aimed at over the last month: a step away from classical rock’n’roll and towards a doomier and more stoner way of blowing our socks off. A newer and more monstrous version of The Kalashnikov Blues then raids you right away […]

Dirty Crows – Eat It Baby!

Check out the first single and video of our buddies from Dirty Crows. The video was shot by Daniel Carneiro and Luc from El Gore. We’re looking forward to your album guys! Their debut will be released at this year’s Food For Your Senses Festival, during which El Gore will be present too and provide […]

Dirty Crows Album Pre-Production Day 5 and 6

The pre-recording session is over. Even though one could have had the feeling that now and then it seemed quite probable that one of the guys would become insane, I think everyone will miss this great week. The last two days were a little shorter because Jan had other obligations. Pre-recording the last two songs […]