Mr. Oizo – Stade 2

First off, if you’re into “cheap” electronic music and think David Guetta is an angel sent from heaven, you should not read any further. Just go to McDonalds and enjoy your Happy Meal as it is easily digestible. Thank you.

Quentin Dupieux a.k.a. Mr. Oizo did it again. He released another banger of a record named Stade 2. But how does it sound like? It’s system overload, busta! Stade 2 is THE soundtrack when accidentally getting the wrong hole at your girlfriend’s and, awkwardly enough, she’s enjoying it. This is no music you get to hear in your wannabe stylish lounges or clubs. The sounds are way too unconventional to fit everyone’s taste and a lot of people will not enjoy this record. These people are more used to standard 4/4 timed electronic pop with Usher whining about how sad his life would be without you (who is this you person anyway?). But really; who fucking cares? The only thing that matters is that there’s one french bastard who puts a smile on my face each time he releases a new record. It may not be as fucked up or “dancy” as Lambs Anger but I’d rather stick to Mr. Oizo craftsmanship than to Skrillex’ bullshit music. Wouldn’t you as well?