Wrath Of God – Holy In Hell

A few weeks ago Frantz from the desert rock band Dirty Crows, Denis and I decided, quite spontaneously, to go and see our friends from The Majestic Unicorns From Hell who were playing a gig in the centre of Luxembourg. I didn’t know anything about the other bands playing and to be honest, I also didn’t expect anything “good”. This may be due to the fact that they were supposed to be hardcore bands. Don’t get me wrong: I do not hate this genre, it simply doesn’t mean anything to me, although I think it has a quite unique and honest scene. So, the first band playing that night was a quite young Austrian hardcore band which flashed me from the first moment on and that’s why I have their new EP Holy in Hell rotating in my CD Player for days and I now try to write a few lines about the record.

As I already noted I was quite a virgin when it comes to Hardcore but Wrath of God have created something which transformed me from an abstinent priest into a promiscuous admirer. Holy in Hell consists of 6 simply-constructed songs with only one passing the three minute line and with the last one called nearly five seconds which is standing on its own. Wrath of God is a live and surprisingly also a record band which usually is very hard to find. There is often a loss of abrasiveness, harshness when a band tries to put its music on a record, especially in the “extreme” genres. With the Holy in Hell EP this is not the case as the music is still intense and aggressive, in a very positive way, which is also due to the DIY sound of the EP. I really love this oldschool sound as this is an important personal identifying feature for some honest uncompromising, dedicated and high principled stuff.

You should give these guys a try, they really blew my mind! Excellent stuff. Check them out on Facebook.