Omega/Ravencult – Straight Down In Hell/Deifier Of Necromancy

I finally got to check out the latest Omega offering after having the 7inch lay around for a couple of weeks.
Omega are this awesome Blackened Thrash band from Greece and this is their 2nd official (not counting the demos which were not available to us mere mortals) release. As mentioned above it is a 7inch split single, the other band being Ravencult, also hailing from Greece.

This split is limited to 500 with 100 released as splatter, an inlay has the lyric for each original song (each band plays an original song and a cover).

The Omega song was written in 2007, I would dare say that it also was recorded back then as the vocal style is very different to what can be heard on the LP. Great song akin to an early Bathory sound (mainly due to the traditional Black Metal vocals), songs like Die in Fire or Sacrifice come to mind.

The cover is a Zemial song, fits nicely on this split. Nothing to write home about to be honest.

Ravencult are a band that (at least on this split) sound similar to Omega and early Bathory. The vocals are very generic Black Metal shrieks and screams. I would have probably enjoyed Ravencult better with a different vocalist. Honestly, I bought this split because of Omega and see Ravencult as a bonus. Their Hellhammer cover does not offer anything new either.

All in all a nice addition to my collection. If you are new to Omega check their album out first, then get this split to complete the discography.
The release is limited and to be obtained through a mailorder or ebay, if still available.