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Trash Monday LIII

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Where to start?? My blue jeans is tight, my tank of fuel is not fuel…but love.

I am at a loss for words. This is the reason why drugs are bad. Still trying to figure out if some of the sound effects are actually R2-D2 throwing up.

5, 4, 3, ONE!


The Sacrificed – III

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The Sacrificed are a white metal band from Florida and III is their, you guessed it, third release, though their first release was a self-released demo that has been re-released later on as a full-length.

At this time I am only familiar with this album (second full-length on its way to me) and from what I read it is more progressive than their earlier stuff.
The album is being compared a lot to bands like Queensryche, Dream Theater, Crimson Glory, Symphony X and the likes.
Personally, I can see why but I would never compare this to Dream Theater. This band is clearly a heavy metal band, unlike Dream Theater who, at least to me, never show their passion for classic heavy metal bands.

As a matter of fact, I would compare The Sacrificed to Fates Warning. The progressive elements in their sound are similar to those found on Fates Warning records and both bands love their metal heavy.
At times I can hear some early (The Warning era) Queensryche melodies and they actually even cover Before the Storm from said Queensryche full-length.

The album has been blasting out of my speakers for the last couple days. I love every song on it and the cover song actually made me go back and rediscover the original again, that pretty much is what a good cover is supposed to do.

My only complaint, and it isn’t the band’s fault, is the lack of money spent on this release. The booklet looks cheap, the paper feels cheap, the colours look cheap, no band pictures and the production could have been better.
Back in 1988 this band/album would have sounded way better. Biggest complaint is the drum sound, just horrible! Next time just use a drum computer, those double bass attacks sound like a cheap toy AK-47 made in Taiwan. Triggers suck!

However this should not put you off, great songwriting, awesome guitarist and vocalist. They lyrics, eventhough Christian, are not preachy and I doubt the band throws bibles at the audience like our favorite black ‘n yellow fashion criminals (Stryper for those who don’t know what I am talking about).

Love it melodic and progressive? Are you open-minded?


Go out and get this!

Newsted – Metal

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Newsted is the first sign of life of former Flotsam and Jetsam, Metallica and Voivod (among many other bands) bassist Jason Newsted in way too long.

The Ep, aptly titled METAL, came out today (January 8) via the stupid medium of iTunes and contains 4 songs that sound like Metallica crossbred with some old school Motörhead. I listened to the whole thing 5 times so far and it is still growing on me but I decided to go ahead and review it anyways because I know I was not the only one waiting for this.

Quite honestly, there is nothing groundbreaking to be mentioned. I mean, what did you expect from the band name and title? It is basic metal which keeps you pumped up without making the mistake of being too long or too repetitive. 4 nice songs. Soldierhead being the fastest one starts off the Ep with a Kill ‘Em All type of riff. The other 3 songs are groovier in nature but also more demanding. At first they might seem boring or too long but after a second or third listen they keep growing on you. As of now, Godsnake seems to be the strongest song on the Ep.

The 4 songs remind me a lot of the Death Angel reunion album The Art of Dying which also was a cross between early speed metal and Motörhead.

Anyways, give it a chance and lets hope that it will be released on a REAL format. Fuck MP3s!

PS: Newsted redoing the Master of Puppets outro on King of the Underdogs creeps me out.


Top 5 2012 by Dave

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Sadly I do not feel the same as my buddies, to me 2012 was rather boring. Sure there was enough out there to keep you from throwing yourself into a volcano, however, the mere fact that some porn parodies were more entertaining than actual big budget movies should leave you speechless.

Musicwise I bought a lot, but most were either re-releases or stuff I had missed out on. 2012 to me meant buying singles and EPs from new bands. Not many LPs blew me away.

Here the 5 LPs that really stood out for me (I only picked stuff I did not review).

N.B.: I recently bought a couple LPs that were released in the last 45 days. If you ask me in January, some of them might end up in my top 5.

In no particular order:

#5 Hellwell – Beyond the Boundaries of Sin

Very interesting band with the release of the year when it comes to packaging. This Lovecraftian concept album was released as a limited edition with a 60 page story book. Hellwell is of course the sideproject of Mark “The Shark” Shelton of the godly Manilla Road epic Metal legends.

#4 Bedemon – Symphony of Shadows

It says a lot about a band when their legendary (demo) releases are good but do not really blow you away. After 30 years they finally release their first LP, exactly 10 years after Randy (main songwriter and heart of the band) passed away and… it is the greatest thing you have heard from the band! Heck, this was probably the best Doom LP in a long time. Probably the number 1 spot in my top 5 if I had to pick one.

#3 Sigh – In Somniphobia

Just another Sigh release really. These guys never disappoint. From primitive Black Metal to some of the weirdest progressive jazz-infused 70’s Hardrock out there, they evolved like no other band, yet the philosophy of the band was always Black Metal, thus never alienating open-minded fans. This newest release is similar to the last one but, to me, the songs are catchier. You know you are listening to something special when the music is complicated as hell, yet you remember every song afterwards.

#2 Mpire Of Evil – Hell to the Holy

After the last disappointing Venom LPs, I pretty much had given up hope. I worship the heck out of the first 4 Venom LPs and really enjoyed the rest of their discography, eventhough it was different.

In comes Mantas who had been touring with Scooter and playing Industrial music since he left Venom after the awesome Resurrection LP. After a fun EP they released their first LP. This is the real Venom in my book and the band is already done with their 3rd release. More power to them!

#1 Corrosion of Conformity

I am talking about the comeback here. After Pepper left for good (to join the almighty $… Oops, I mean Down) the band was on ice for too long. The Animosity line-up reunited, released two singles and then the eponymous LP. I enjoyed the LP but was not blown away mainly because it didn’t have an organic flow between the songs as they mixed too many genres. Fastforward 6 months and they release the Megalodon EP as a free download. That EP is some of the best stoner/hardcore (may I go as far as inventing a new genre in stonercore?) I have heard in a long time. The band is back on track, recording and releasing without wasting too much time and it is just fun to be a fan of this legendary band. Can’t wait to see what C.O.C. will be up to in 2013!

Honorary mention: Nekromantheon released their 2nd LP. Probably the best Thrash Metal release of 2012, but nowhere near as good as the first LP, thus why I did not include it on my list.

Trash Monday XLVIII

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I am speechless…

I wasn’t sure if I should post this video. Honestly, hearing news of Chris’ suicide would not surprise me at this point. It is out of synch (on purpose, according to an interview with Chris), the guitar sounds out of tune, the drums are… well everything about it sucks. No wonder Philthy Animal Taylor did not show up for the video, who could blame him?

Judge for yourself!

G.I.S.M. – Detestation

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I’d like to start this review by thanking Luc for introducing me to the band. I had heard of G.I.S.M. before but I am the type of guy who does not listen to mp3s. I just do not care for files on a computer. I like to buy a Cd or vinyl and sit down, read through the booklet, look at the cover, check online for information on the band/release. I like to be busy with the music, digest it and be part of it.

I first heard of the band when reading an interview with Lee Dorian on his early influences. He mentioned Sakevi being an influence on creating his vocal style for Napalm Death. This must have been sometime in the mid 90s and, like with many other Cds back then, it was just impossible to get ahold of G.I.S.M.. So I pretty much forgot about it until recently when I decided to look for more D-beat/crust/anarcho/hardcore bands similar to Discharge. Luc mentioned G.I.S.M. and sent me a youtube link to check out and I just fell in love with the weirdness of it all.

Savage, fast, weird, melodic, brutal…these and many more adjectives describe what goes on in the mere 20 minutes of the first G.I.S.M. album. To pinpoint a certain song as “typical” is impossible as they are barely 2 minutes long and differ quite a lot. Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter and Nih Nightmare are considered classics, and rightly so, but I find those songs to be more melodic and tame when compared to A.B.C Weapons or Nuclear Armed Hogs.

The band plays somewhere between (early) Discharge and early Iron Maiden. The aggression and hardcore of D-beat mixed with the melody and solos of heavy metal, and it works perfectly.

Sakevi sings in a style close to death metal and grindcore bands that came half a decade later. Randy is an unsung guitar hero (like many Japanese guitarists) never sounding cheesy, always on the edge and ready to riff off your face or put Randy Rhoads to shame. The album cover screams grindcore!

Sadly the albums are nearly impossible to get. I paid a lot for the unique official Cd press of DETESTation and SoniCRIME Therapy. However there are quite a lot of bootlegs out there, most include the whole Detestation album and the compilation tracks. Many of those bootlegs also sell for a lot.

I would recommend getting the Detestation bootleg vinyl that is being sold on eBay for around 20 euros. That is the cheapest way to own Detestation. The only official Cd press sells for over 100 bucks on eBay, the vinyl is on eBay right now for 400 bucks. Either way, this is a must have!


PS: Yes those are Swastikas and Hitler on the cover. The band used those to shock and are not Neo-Nazis.

Razor – Shotgun Justice

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Easily one of the best thrash metal albums ever unleashed upon mankind. The sheer speed and hatred gives Reign in Blood a run for its money, but first things first….

When it comes to Razor you can do no wrong, pick whatever album you can find and your butt will be handed to you. Sadly half of their discography is impossible to find and cost me a fortune on eBay. Shotgun Justice was my introduction to the band and is my favorite. This is easily one of the most aggressive records ever, the lyrics might be tongue-in-cheek, but the band actually has the balls to address certain issues other bands would be scared to acknowledge. Stabbed in the Back instantly comes to mind, a song where the band calls out on all the sellouts and posers changing their sound to appeal to mainstream audiences.

Listen to Violence Condoned to get an idea on how the band was dealt with by promoters or how about American Luck showcasing how being Canadian penalized the band in more than one way?

Razor releasing an aggressive album did not come as a surprise, after all, all their albums are aggressive and fast, but the band was in turmoil. Label problems and the vocalist leaving along with the scene changing, not to mention the problems that being an underground band brings along, didn’t help matters. At a time when every band (minus Slayer) either broke up or changed its sound Razor come along with their fastest record ever.

So you have Razor more pissed off than ever dealing out, and that is a perfect starting point for a thrash metal record. Each riff sounds like a…well a razor shredding its way in one ear, out the other.

Bob Reid spits out the lyrics in a fitting manner while Rob Mills closes every gap with his drums.

Much like Slayer, Razor are punk gone metal, meaning they have the chops to actually sound menacing unlike most sloppy punk bands out there doing their bubblegum pop, but I digress…

Heck, even the linernotes are pissed off and full of warnings and threats. Every time I listen to the album I can’t help but grin like an undertaker, it just has all those elements that aggressive music needs to have and so many great moments, every song is awesome or just so freaking fast.

Brass Knuckles deserves a mention for the awesome break, before all hell breaks loose.

The Pugilist has just one of those riffs (that can be found allover the album) before the song ends in total chaos.

Miami has a weird title and even weirder lyrics. Totally hilarious and it just hands out riff after riff, at high velocity I might add.

The album is impossible to get on Cd, unless you wanna pay as much as I did, or you happen to come across one of the Russian bootlegs. However it has been re-released on vinyl, twice, in the last couple years. It seems as though the first vinyl re-release is hard to find (guess I was lucky) but the Highroller Records re-release is allover eBay, albeit with an ugly modified cover.

Let me finish this review with my favorite lyric

“All the bands I used to like are going down the drain
What the hell has happened here, have they gone insane?
I used to think that heavy bands ignored the current trends
But once you’ve been in Rolling Stone you learn about your friends”

and a quick fix

Omega/Ravencult – Straight Down In Hell/Deifier Of Necromancy

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I finally got to check out the latest Omega offering after having the 7inch lay around for a couple of weeks.
Omega are this awesome Blackened Thrash band from Greece and this is their 2nd official (not counting the demos which were not available to us mere mortals) release. As mentioned above it is a 7inch split single, the other band being Ravencult, also hailing from Greece.

This split is limited to 500 with 100 released as splatter, an inlay has the lyric for each original song (each band plays an original song and a cover).

The Omega song was written in 2007, I would dare say that it also was recorded back then as the vocal style is very different to what can be heard on the LP. Great song akin to an early Bathory sound (mainly due to the traditional Black Metal vocals), songs like Die in Fire or Sacrifice come to mind.

The cover is a Zemial song, fits nicely on this split. Nothing to write home about to be honest.

Ravencult are a band that (at least on this split) sound similar to Omega and early Bathory. The vocals are very generic Black Metal shrieks and screams. I would have probably enjoyed Ravencult better with a different vocalist. Honestly, I bought this split because of Omega and see Ravencult as a bonus. Their Hellhammer cover does not offer anything new either.

All in all a nice addition to my collection. If you are new to Omega check their album out first, then get this split to complete the discography.
The release is limited and to be obtained through a mailorder or ebay, if still available.

Down – Diary Of A Mad Band

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Ok, so Down are playing in Luxembourg this month and I decided to give this band another chance to win me over. Having been a Pantera and Corrosion of Conformity fan since the early/mid 90s I did not exactly find out about the band recently, in fact I knew the first album by heart before I even bought it, thanks to my older brother who owned it.

Down are one of those bands that, while not crap, they only succeeded because of the “all-star” lineup, and sadly in this case Phil Anselmo. I do not hate Phil, let’s get that out of the way, I just do not think that he is anything special once he steps out of the Pantera shadow. He is great at screaming, with a passion I might add, but once he tries to sing he is just another singer. Another thing I never can get past is his big mouth. Phil is a simple guy and writes very flat lyrics. This badly shows in a genre that has many talented lyricists writing Lovecraftian lyrics or concept albums about life and death. Phil comes along with his redneck attitude and mindset.

However, the biggest disappointment for me is Pepper. Being a fan of Corrosion of Conformity and their riff-rock/stoner albums, nowhere does Pepper come close to the C.O.C. Material. The riffs are flat, blues-tinged rock that we have heard a thousand times already.

The band does have some great songs though, but every album has just as many filler material. This live album was recorded while the band was touring their second record and that is already the biggest plus as I hate the third record. The set comprises 2 Cds and 1 Dvd. The biggest plus is….well the set isn’t expensive. Yup, that is it, nothing else to say about it.

Now on to the negative stuff! The Dvd is footage of the band playing synched to the audio of a different show. At times the band is playing something completely different than what you are hearing/seeing. Seeing Pepper playing power chords while hearing him play a solo and so on. Phil is Phil, slurring his way through sentences, not leaving behind anything worth remembering. Pretty sad to see him like this. I can’t help but wonder why him and Zakk Wylde haven’t formed a band yet. Also the Dvd is not a full show, so at no time do you get the concert experience. The same can be said about the 2 Cds, a song plays then Phil dedicates it to someone and that is it. Just boring. The booklet is an insult. You have 1 band pic spread over the 2 inner pages showing the band on stage….from behind.That is right, you see their backs! No info, nothing. The tracklist is pretty solid as they do play the hits and best songs from the first 2 albums.

For fans only, but even many of those complained about the cheap cash-in. Remember, it was released by Roadrunner so it is not like they ran out of money. Release crap quality releases and then wonder why your sales are declining…