The Sacrificed – III

The Sacrificed are a white metal band from Florida and III is their, you guessed it, third release, though their first release was a self-released demo that has been re-released later on as a full-length. At this time I am only familiar with this album (second full-length on its way to me) and from what […]

Newsted – Metal

Newsted is the first sign of life of former Flotsam and Jetsam, Metallica and Voivod (among many other bands) bassist Jason Newsted in way too long. The Ep, aptly titled METAL, came out today (January 8) via the stupid medium of iTunes and contains 4 songs that sound like Metallica crossbred with some old school […]

Top 5 2012 by Dave

Sadly I do not feel the same as my buddies, to me 2012 was rather boring. Sure there was enough out there to keep you from throwing yourself into a volcano, however, the mere fact that some porn parodies were more entertaining than actual big budget movies should leave you speechless. Musicwise I bought a […]

Omega/Ravencult – Straight Down In Hell/Deifier Of Necromancy

I finally got to check out the latest Omega offering after having the 7inch lay around for a couple of weeks. Omega are this awesome Blackened Thrash band from Greece and this is their 2nd official (not counting the demos which were not available to us mere mortals) release. As mentioned above it is a […]