Saint Vitus Concert Review

US Doom legends Saint Vitus finally found Luxembourg on a map and took no prisoners. They were supported by Mos Generator, a very Sabbathy band that fit the bill perfectly and probably won over their fair share of new fans. Their setlist was short but full of energy and tons of Iommi-esque solos. Count me among the legion of new fans.

Saint Vitus took the stage as expected, simple, basic and down to earth. They started off with Blessed Night and played a solid set with few surprises, mostly due to the length of their songs as one can only fit this many 7 minute songs into a setlist. Patra was a song I did not expect to hear and it was one of the highlights. The handful of newer songs was another surprise. I enjoy the latest output but I never expected them to play half the album. They ended the 90 minutes show with the obligatory Dying Inside and Born Too Late, two songs fans expect to hear.

My only complaint would be the lack of songs off the first album. It is my favorite Saint Vitus album and not 1 song was played. I expected to, at least, hear (the song) Saint Vitus. Anyways, I was in doom metal heaven and the show easily made my top 3 concert experiences.

~this review was written by our freelancer Dave~