Toxkäpp! – 15 Joër Toxkäpp! 09.10.2010 Live An Der Kufa!

Today I’m reviewing a rather unusual album…unusual because I’ve never written about a live CD, but here goes! The Luxembourgish punk veterans Toxkäpp! have recently celebrated their eighteen year existence and have therefor released a live recording of their fifteen year anniversary which was recorded in our local Kulturfabrik. So let’s dive into 15 Joër Toxkäpp! 09.10.2010 Live An Der Kufa!

The octet started off as punk rock but has branched out into a more ska punk orientated direction. That’s why the sixteen song record comprises half and half of both styles; a nice concept which prevents repetition and allows old school fans to enjoy the classics that they might have grown up with as well as the newer stuff.

Performance-wise the band does not leave much to wish for, since each member is on their best behavior and the sound is actually surprisingly clear for a live concert. The one or the other reprise like the iconic Paint It Black also adds a certain flair to these forty-one minutes.

The songs are all sung in Luxembourgish which is something I commend, since not many bands (nowadays?) do that…however it does prevent them of reaching a broader audience. Especially since the lyrics are highly satirical and social-critical and managed to put a smile on my face more than once.

In conclusion, there is only one negative aspect that struck me…which is not even the band’s fault: the crowd is rather silent and resulting in the fact that the live atmosphere is not quite as dense as I would have liked it to be. Whether that is due to the fact that the crowd was actually lame or simply that nobody remembered to put a mic above them is something I can’t tell you. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook page and listen to a few songs below. If you like what you hear, be sure to go see them live!