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Iron Maiden Live in Roeser 01.07.2014 Concert Review

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Can I play with Madness?

When the tickets for Iron Maiden (THE band that got me into Metal, when I was still a wee little lad) at the Rockhal concert site became available in February, I was one of the first to get one online. I was even happier about this, when they were sold out shortly after. Seeing Iron Maiden in a relatively small venue would surely be amazing. But then, shortly after they were sold out, den Atelier announced that they would move the concert to the Rock-A-Field site. This outraged a lot of fans who paid for something they wouldn’t get. Even more confusing was that a second band was booked as an opening act, namely Ghost from Sweden.

Let’s skip ahead a few months to the actual concert. As I had been at the Rock-A-Field festival (RAF) the weekend before, I was familiar with the site and the parking arrangements. The shuttle service worked perfectly, although the parking price was a bit steep (8€ for a few hours of parking – the three days of parking in the same spot for the RAF cost 10€ combined). When I finally arrived at the concert site, I was glad to see, that the mud from the festival weekend had disappeared and that the site looked fine. As a little premium for being one of the “lucky ones” who had acquired tickets to the Rockhal concert, I got a wristband that would consequently allow me to enter a gated off area in front of the stage. The idea behind this might have been nice, but it seemed unfair that people who bought their tickets later and paid almost the same amount of money would not be able to get closer to the stage. On the other hand this meant that we would have quite a lot of room and could enjoy the show without too much pushing from the crowd.

Ghost as an opener might have seemed as a good idea to somebody who thinks that Metal sounds all the same, but it turned out that their music and show (if you can call it a show, when everybody is wearing a mask and the singers persona is a demonic priest, who can’t break character to cheer on the masses) didn’t fit this particular billing. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad, they just weren’t a good match. The organisers might have had better luck with a local band like Lost in Pain to get the audience’s juices flowing. People came to see Iron Maiden after all.

Then it was finally time for the main act. The show started with an intro video showing crumbling icebergs, invoking images of the famous Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album. Then Iron Maiden exploded onto the stage and the crowd went wild. For almost two hours, Bruce Dickinson and his band kept the audience heavily (hrhr) entertained. They played most of the tracks from the aforementioned album and most of their other hits. The Trooper (including the obligatory swinging of the Union Jack), The Number of the Beast and 2 Minutes to Midnight were all performed almost perfectly. The highlight for me was Fear of the Dark. There is nothing quite like a huge crowd of people singing and cheering together.

I hadn’t seen Iron Maiden in quite a long time and I had almost forgotten, how theatrical their shows can be. Eddie came on stage for Run to the Hills, Dickinson turned himself into Dracula, flames burst out of the floor and fireworks accompanied a few songs. Dickinson ran around on stage like he was on fire, using the multilevel stage to his advantage, and all the other band members were in constant motion, cheering on the crowd and performing semi-acrobatic moves with their instruments. This is quite impressive, considering most of them have been doing this for over 25 years.

After their main set, the band returned for an encore (starting with Aces High – including the Churchill speech). Interestingly enough they played none of the songs released after the mid 90s. Sadly the whole thing was over way too quickly and it was time to leave the area. The shuttle service was running smoothly, limiting waiting times to tolerable levels.

Although it was quite a feat, to get a huge band like Iron Maiden to play in Luxembourg, there are a few points of criticism I have to mention. I didn’t like that the organisers kept the pricing/ticket system from their RAF festival. You had to change your money into tickets (3,5€ per ticket) and you couldn’t even change them back at the end (which wasn’t mentioned when you bought them). 3,5€ for a beer or a sparkling water (no, the 1,75€ upgrade from regular water doesn’t make its sparkle shoot rainbows) is quite a lot, especially if you count how much they earn on drinks alone. At least the 7€ burger was really tasty and big enough. Ticket prices were also quite expensive, considering that you pay 50€ (which is 40€ less than what I paid) to see the same band in France. As a Luxemburgish music fan, who goes to quite a lot of concerts, I think it’s high time that people start to question the pricing policy of Den Atelier, especially since they have been overpromising for quite a while and rarely deliver exactly what they have promised.

To sum it all up: Bullshit pricing, an opening band that didn’t fit the billing and IRON MAIDEN. I say it again: IRON *fuckin* MAIDEN! Scream for me, Luxembourg!!!!

This review was written by our freelancer Yves!

Trash Monday CIX

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One of my favourite bands announced on Facebook that they are going to play with Babymetal on their tour around the Asian continent. Full of anticipation I wasn’t able to discern the sarcasm beforehand, but I dare you to make the same mistake as I did and push the play button. Have fun!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY&app=desktop]

Toxkäpp! – 15 Joër Toxkäpp! 09.10.2010 Live An Der Kufa!

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Today I’m reviewing a rather unusual album…unusual because I’ve never written about a live CD, but here goes! The Luxembourgish punk veterans Toxkäpp! have recently celebrated their eighteen year existence and have therefor released a live recording of their fifteen year anniversary which was recorded in our local Kulturfabrik. So let’s dive into 15 Joër Toxkäpp! 09.10.2010 Live An Der Kufa!

The octet started off as punk rock but has branched out into a more ska punk orientated direction. That’s why the sixteen song record comprises half and half of both styles; a nice concept which prevents repetition and allows old school fans to enjoy the classics that they might have grown up with as well as the newer stuff.

Performance-wise the band does not leave much to wish for, since each member is on their best behavior and the sound is actually surprisingly clear for a live concert. The one or the other reprise like the iconic Paint It Black also adds a certain flair to these forty-one minutes.

The songs are all sung in Luxembourgish which is something I commend, since not many bands (nowadays?) do that…however it does prevent them of reaching a broader audience. Especially since the lyrics are highly satirical and social-critical and managed to put a smile on my face more than once.

In conclusion, there is only one negative aspect that struck me…which is not even the band’s fault: the crowd is rather silent and resulting in the fact that the live atmosphere is not quite as dense as I would have liked it to be. Whether that is due to the fact that the crowd was actually lame or simply that nobody remembered to put a mic above them is something I can’t tell you. Be sure to check out the band’s Facebook page and listen to a few songs below. If you like what you hear, be sure to go see them live!

Justice – Access All Arenas

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There’s no better way to start the festival season than with a live album by one of your favourite bands ever, in this case Justice‘s live performance on Access All Arenas. As a matter of fact, I’ll be rocking this year’s Rock Werchter festival once again and I’ve been able to experience the sheer power of Justice‘s live sets on that site twice, back in 2008 and last year.

The live set was recorded in an ancient Roman amphitheater in Nîmes, in best Pink Floyd manner, if you know what I’m referring to. If you ever listened to Justice’s previous live album, Across The Universe, you will instantly notice that the opener is still the same, with Genesis‘ colossal intro making the crowd go apeshit in no time! This is the best proof for the timelessness of the first album † , that was released 6 years ago.

Against all odds, Gaspar Augé and Xavier de Rosnay do not only press midi controllers every once in a while, despite the prejudices people have towards electronic-dance-music acts. It’s not like both guys are on stage pressing buttons and peeling onions additionally. The strength of this duo bases in melting both albums into one crazy multi-layered experience. No big deal, you’d say, but that’s not the secret in Justice‘s sound. The twist is, unlike any other EDM project, finding a compromise between pounding beats and a fresh, elegant attitude only Frenchman can handle. Hate’em or like’em, Justice have an unmistakeable sound and signature, which turns them into a rare jewel in an electronic scene that has fallen into disrepute due to artists who ride the maximal sound bandwagon.

† Et Justice pour tous! †

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m46S-VGCimY]

The Jacob Conspiracy and Dirty Crows live @ Rockbox (Rives de Clausen)

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As you have noticed, this week is going to be dedicated mainly to the album pre-production of our sweethearts, Dirty Crows. So, to keep the point, here you have a little report about their last live performance.

Friday night, Rockbox, live music. Could you ask for more? The menu tonight: Dirty Crows followed by The Jacob Conspiracy, what a coincidence!

Not so many people present, shame on you Luxembourg! Never mind. Not an easy job for Dirty Crows but they completed their task confidently. Although a bit tired, they rocked their set from alpha to omega. Big excitement arose when hearing Got No Chance Against Rock’n’Roll, especially when thinking of the coming album. Can’t wait for 2012.

The Jacob Conspiracy. Bigger crowd, a few more girls, always good! A masterful set by the boys, driven by a powerful bass play and confident singing. Emily, better than on the radio, followed by Desire, the party was on! A few midlife crisis guys joined the crowd, and with a little help of the bass player they even managed to get the other people to party even harder. Good show! Great evening! More of it please.