Cosmogon – Chaos Magnum

When Cosmogon played their first show in January 2012, I called them the “newcomer” of the year and I was anxiously awaiting the announcement of any recording plans. It took the guys two years and a considerable amount of shows under their belt before they set these plans into motion and this year, on March 14th, they will finally release their debut EP Chaos Magnum!

The Luxembourgish quartet, which consists mostly of members from now-defunct Ex Inferis, has the rather unusual particularity of only having one guitarist…but they marvelously display that one talented guy is all you need when it comes to their ingenious brand of groove-heavy metalcore. The amount of neck-breaking riffs that are jam-packed into these thirty-two minutes will have you pressing replay after every listen-through for want of more cranial trauma, trust me.

The bass and drums on the other hand form a perfect duo of a living and breathing groove machine, whenever the drummer isn’t relentlessly pounding your eardrums further into their sockets. It’s especially worth mentioning that all throughout the eight tracks, the guys managed to capture the feeling you get when you see them perform live: the urge to bang your head, jump around like a maniac and just forget all of your surroundings.

This is in part due to the clean, but not overdone, production and, of course, to the driving vocals that are only slightly fine-tuned on the record but otherwise kept in their raw state. While they might not be everybody’s cup of tea, they hit just the right spot for me since they somewhat remind of the performance on the legendary Slaughter Of The Soul by At The Gates.

All in all, the space dudes have put together a truly tasty compilation of songs and I can only say that if the full-length, whenever it may come, will pack at least half the punch of Chaos Magnum it will be a mental album! The band will be playing a release show at l’Entrepôt in Arlon this Friday and I can strongly recommend attending, since it will be one hell of a party! For more information, visit the band’s Facebook page and to get yourself pumped, listen to the song below!