Drogher – The Last Wave

I believe that I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I absolutely love being part of the Luxembourgish metal scene! Throughout the ten years that I’ve been writing reviews on here I’ve met a lot of new people which I became friends with and with friendship often come, shall we say, benefits. Today’s band is the result of one such benefit, in the form of a scoop that I was told around, maybe, two years ago, back when concerts were still rare and meeting friends in person was a treasured event.

I remember being very curious and to my own surprise I actually managed to not be nosy when I learned who was part of the band. So it was a nice surprise when not that long ago the project’s name was revealed to the world: Drogher! The quartet’s first release is going to see the light of day in just three short days in the form of the EP The Last Wave and I’m very glad to say that I’ve taking this baby for quite a lot of spins these past few days, so let me tease you guys a bit with a short review.

First off: while the band chooses to remain anonymous for now, it can be said that none of the members are newcomers and that can be felt from the second you push play to the moment you push play again because you want to re-listen to the three songs.

Musically, Drogher combines a multitude of elements from several genres into a very homogeneous blend. I’m fairly confident in saying that even those annoying metal purists will find at least one aspect during these fifteen minutes, but everyone else can expect a fantastic mix of modern death metal with hints of black metal and a healthy dose of groove.

One thing that I just need to mention is that I’m especially glad to hear a local veteran on the mic again, because he’s definitely back with a vengeance. Bringing his new and improved A-game to the tracks, with the closing track absolutely taking the cake.

If I managed to hype you up, please make sure to head to your digital dealer of choice this coming Monday to listen to The Last Wave and in the meantime, head over to the band’s Facebook page to keep up with them. Last but not least, Drogher will play their first show on September 17th at the Metalfestival which takes place in Strassen this year!