Kirby’s Adventure

Every single one of us has got his ultimate favorite videogame. When I talk to my friends about their favorite game, classics like Mario Kart, Rock’n Roll Racing, Mega Man or Zelda come up.

Given the fact that I never owned a Super Nintendo as my parents knew that this would worsen my mental labilities, I had to stick to my beloved old Nintendo; a gift from my uncle Sergio when I was 8 years old. (thanks man!!)

But as I never was a fan of complex, gruesome and scary games I preferred playing more childlike games, the likes of Super Mario Brothers, Ducktales or Chip’n Dale – Rescue Rangers.

But if there’s one game that changed it all for me it has to be Kirby’s Adventure.

Yes, KIRBY! The tiny pinkish cuteball whose appetite is more insatiable than a bulimic’s.

What I mostly love about this game is Kirby’s ability to transform into a vast number of objects after sucking and digesting his enemies. I adored the broad spectrum of choices this game had to offer, something I had never experienced in a videogame before. Just keep in mind that this cute little creature devours it’s enemies with ease. No blood, no traces of violence; and yet this adorable little fucker couldn’t be more cruel! I wonder why PETA did not come up with an Anti-Kirby campaign yet, considering Kirby’s gluttony towards poor, innocent creatures… Oh, how I love this game!

Some people may complain that the Kirby franchise is just too easy to play. So what? It’s the overall gaming experience that matters. This game is soooo enjoyable and cute. Simply, the best time waster on a rainy Sunday afternoon, trust me; I spent a lot of Sundays playing the whole game in 2-3 hours and I could never get enough of it. This is one of a few timeless NES classic that deserves an 11 out of 10.

And the best for last, I’m not even the owner of this game. Some bloke at primary school loaned it to me and forgot to claim it back… Dude, whoever and wherever you are; THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Another big Kirby fan undoubtedly is Destructoid’s Jim Sterling who couldn’t be more right with his National Kirby Day video. You should totally follow him on twitter and destructoid.

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