The 13th Annual Tromadance Film Festival

Most of you people following the El Gore Blog regularly know that I am a huge fan of Lloyd Kaufman and Troma movies. Why this passion? I am not quite sure but I always had a weakness for feces briming over with passion and creativity. Sigmund Freud would probably explain that there went something wrong in the anal stage which I now try to sublimate by watching shit weeping Troma flicks.

As I am reading Kaufman’s book Make Your Own Damn Movie!, I realized again how brilliant this guy is. His passion for independent filmmaking is unique. I don’t want to write about it too much now, as the book review is coming soon.

I just want to draw your attention to a related thing which is important to me: The Tromadance Festival. 2012 is the 13th annual Troma Festival. It takes place from 4th to 5th of May in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Tromadance is completely free, which means that there are no entry fees and no charges for producers and directors submitting their movies (yeah! Fuck off Cannes and its botox crippled pseudo directors and actors). There also will be no VIP shit or whatever. All the people are treated in the same fucked-up way. For more informatation just check out the Official Tromadance Site!

El Gore has decided to support Tromadance in 2 ways. First of all we want to make publicity for the Festival’s Kickstarter. Support independent art and !DONATE HERE! Furthermore the blog, of course, is also donating some of their hard earned money.