JOSHIKYÔEI HANRANGUN a.k.a. Attack Girls’ Swimteam Vs. The Undead

This flick is the perfect example of how you get my attention. Chose a witty title, put in some lesbian asian girls fighting “zombies” and tag it as japanese softporn gore. But Attack Girls’ Swimteam Vs. The Undead really disappointed me. It’s really weak, neither fish nor fowl, with no attention to detail and a fucking lame story.

Also there are only a few (cheap) splatter effects but even they really got on my nerves. I don’t care if you can’t afford paying professional special effect artists but at least try your best by creating real, handmade and non-computer ones. If you are doing a B-Movie flick, handmade special effects, no matter how bad they are, always look better and more authentic than using pseudo professional hollywoodish digital bullshit. Do them with love, energy and enthusiasm, fuck technology and uninspired, pretended Independence. Lack of money can be compensated by visionary dedication for the art/movie. This movie clearly failed in doing so!

Boring as fuck, this campy j-sploitation flick was clearly made for the japanese school-girl rape, fetish scene. But what is the intension of hiring 2 porn stars as main characters but not doing a porn movie? It isn’t because of their brilliant acting talent, that’s for sure.

There is nothing much to say apart from: “don’t watch it”. Save your time in either checking out a good porn flick with Sasha Grey or the ingenious sick japanese stuff like Tokyo Gore Police, The Machine Girl or Meatball Machine.