Top 3 Movie Mashups

Sometimes when the power’s out and I’m bored I think about what interesting movie combinations there could be if people had a fucked-up mind like I do. Big thanks to Yannick and Laurent for helping me with this post. Enjoy!

1. Schindler’s List & Space Jam

Due to “unknown” circumstances a large community of people has to leave their homes. Schindler proposes a basketball match to Hitler. If the latter wins, he can use the people as slaves for his amusement park but if Schindler and his team win they are free to go back to their homes.
“It’s time to hit the showers” has never sounded so inappropriate.

2. Home Alone & Funny Games

Kevin is accidentally left behind while the family flies to Paris for Christmas. On Christmas Eve the 8 year old boy discovers two psychotic „burglars“ (Paul & Peter) who, for their own amusement, want to play sadistic games with him. Is Kevin fast enough to wire his house with home-made traps to stop the two and to bring them to justice?
A family “comedy” with Kevin, Peter & Paul.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs & Human Centipede

In order to seek confidence of the 7 Dwarfs, Snow White makes up the story that her stepmother wanted her to be killed in a forest. The hunter who’s charged with the murder isn’t able to kill her and lets her go. She gets lost and it’s the animals who show her the house of the Dwarfs. This seems all logical to the little men and they accept her as a guest not knowing that Snow White is a young nazi Fräulein with the perverse phantasy of reassembling them into a new pet, a human centipede.
Eat shit! – Fräulein Snow White


Ex Drummer & De Grønne slagtere (The Green Butchers)

Koen de Geyter, Jan Verbeek, Ivan Van Dorpe; three handicapped losers and their drummer, a famous writer called Dries decide to end their unsuccessful punk band. Ivan and Jan mysteriously disappear. The remaining ones decide to start a butcher’s and become famous for their excellent meat quality.
Find out what happened to Ivan and Jan and why the “chickie-wickies” are so special?

You got some weird ideas too? Post your suggestions in the comment section below. I also want to see some posters of the movies!!