FFYS Diary – Day 3

Sunday Day 3, the last day, or how I call it: “day of the zombies”. The site was only sparsely filled with people over the whole day, which wasn’t really surprising, considering the fact that the campsite had been open for the fourth day by then. The line-up was a bit “thin” for my taste, […]

FFYS Diary – Day 2

Saturday, including a tent metal report and Funky P. Eric, Luc and I arrived in Tuntange around 3:15PM and after a couple of greetings here and there I made my way to the tent to check out the first band of the day for me: A Mute Appeal. It was the first time I saw […]

FFYS Diary – Day 1

Friday The Food For Your Senses festival must be in the rock’n’roll god’s good books because the weather forecast once again was fantastic! On an organisational level there were a few good changes compared to last year, especially considering the parking and entry area. The general mood on day 1 was that good that people […]