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Club Silencio – I

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One of the main reasons El Gore was brought to life for, was to support the local music scene, a concept that I loved when I joined and I still do my best to review a majority of the national metal and rock releases to this day. However, every now and then I don’t think that a review is necessary or makes much sense to begin with. Today is one of those times, so I’d rather just write a few lines about why you should give Club Silencio‘s debut album I a thorough listen and hopefully it’ll whet your appetite enough to click on the Play button below!

The ten songs are all written and performed by a mysterious trio, and they are definitely the most experimental music I’ve heard this year thus far. Basically: there are no rules when it comes to the studio-only project, which means that you can find all sorts of influences of bands from virtually every spectrum of the heavier, and at times also softer, side of music.

Also, the project is purely instrumental, so there’s no need to worry about you maybe hating the vocals since there are none. But that leaves more room for shredding, of which there is a metric fuckton during these forty-two minutes.

This is all for now, just do yourself a favor and push Play below. You won’t regret it. And throw them a like on Facebook if you want. NO HAY BANDA!

The Majestic Unicorns From Hell – A Matter Of Less In More

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“How can less be more? It’s impossible. More is more.” Never has this sentence been more accurate and more false at the same time than in the intro of the new record by a band that is definitely in the top 4 of all the instrumental bands that we have here in Luxembourg. I’m a terrible liar: it’s actually on the new record, A Matter Of Less In More, of, hands down, my favorite one of the genre: The Majestic Unicorns From Hell. The band that is guaranteed to cure any illnesses you have in exchange for a hefty dose of tinnitus and whiplash. So let’s dive in before the actual release date of February 12th!

When I reviewed their debut, Valde Purgamentum, in 2013 my first reaction was “holy fuck!”. Well…not much has changed in that regard this time around, except that the sentence was slightly more articulate, in the form of: “holy fucking shit, they did it again, those bastards”. Mainly because, as stated in the intro, the quartet followed the recipe of more is more: instead of just cranking those dials to eleven, they yanked them to forty-two, sixty-nine and finally six hundred and sixty-six.

The intensity is constantly present and each musician explores the limits of the sonic spectrum in their own regard, be it in speed, technicality, atmosphere or groove. And let me tell you something about these ten songs: the groove is strong in this one! But, here’s where the Teenage Mutant Music Turtles also contradict themselves! Less is sometimes more, because the number of songs and the playtime of thirty minutes is definitely less than on the predecessor…but it works, it works so damn well!

Level with me here: I think my playcount of AMOLIM (so catchy!) is probably close to fifty times, and I still feel like I’m listening to the soundtrack of a movie! I can’t really tell you which type, because it ranges from psycho thriller, to horror flick, to seventies porno, but the atmosphere is always palpable. A very good example of this cinematic feel is on the song Green Thursday Mr Beast, during the last two and a half minutes when this riff sets in that just screams despair and I picture a 28 Days Later-like scenario where humans are being chased by zombies, before erupting into an almost catatonic melody interlaced with a sampled speech, giving me a feeling of hope. Pure joy.

To sum things up, I can without a doubt claim that the magical equestrian beasts from the very deep south have not only outdone themselves this time around, but also hands down found their sound and I’m confident that, with a bit of luck, their future will be a bright one…and if not…remember: less is more! If I managed to spark your curiosity, be sure to head to their Facebook page and don’t forget to listen to the new TMUFH album below! But beware: you touch, you buy! Thank you, come again! Oh, and if you like what you just bought, be sure to move your sweet cheeks to De Gudde Wëllen this Friday, where the fellas will play a concert that somehow coincides with the release of new music…but it’s not a release show, I swear.

The Majestic Unicorns From Hell – Valde Purgamentum

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“Holy fuck!”…those were the first words that came to my mind after I finished my very first listen-through of The Majestic Unicorns From Hell‘s debut album Valde Purgamentum. And I could probably end my review here, and have said everything that needs to be said. But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t at least elaborate a tiny bit further. So without further ado, let’s dive into this thirteen track beast.

The dynamic quartet from Luxembourg plays instrumental … I’ll just say “music”. Because trying to categorize their sound is close to impossible, since there are elements of thrash, black, death, industrial, blues, groove, funk, jazz and pretty much every other genre you can imagine. While it might sound super chaotic on paper, it’s just that: chaos, but of the perfectly structured kind which simply won’t let you go.

This feat is achieved by the incredibly high musicianship of all four members, who completely master their instruments and then add another layer of ingenuity. I hereby challenge you to count the seemingly endless amount of nifty drum fills alone. The variety of the different riffs and licks in the guitar department is just as insane and in no way has to hide behind the man with the sticks.

While I generally prefer music with vocals, of which there are none on here except a few spoken lines by one of the best exports from New Zealand since the LOTR trilogy, the Unicorns managed to captivate me with their sheer balls-to-the-wall, dial to eleven attitude. I can guarantee that these thirty-six minutes will not disappoint you, if you don’t have a pre-existing heart condition…in which case I would advise caution.

To sum it up, I can safely say that Valde Purgamentum has made it to the top of my “music I never want to have sex to” list, for fear of dying. More seriously though: this record is one of my personal surprises of the year and I strongly recommend giving it a go. More info can be found on their Facebook page and by listening to the song below, which is not a mix from the final album. If I still haven’t managed to convince you, stop by Decibel in Luxembourg this Friday and make up your own opinion since the band will be releasing their CD there.