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Sleeping With Sirens – Feel

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If there’s one criticism people sometimes utter when it comes to music that I absolutely despise, it would be “Band XYZ’s new album sucks because it sounds nothing like their old stuff”. Seriously? If you want a band to sound the same as you’re used to, just go listen to their previous records. I, for one, welcome evolution and innovation of a band’s sonic spectrum, even if it’s very different to what I’m used to. Said phenomenon is definitely something that Sleeping With Sirens will experience with their new release Feel.

The difference can be noticed after the first few seconds of the title track: everything sounds more radio-friendly and a lot of the post hardcore aspects are dialed back quite a bit. Instead you’re confronted with a hybrid of hard rock and post hardcore… which is weird at first, but it grows on you, or at least it did on me. And even though the majority of the twelve tracks remains faithful to this formula, you have a couple of tracks that somewhat go back to the older, heavier concept.

Instrumentally, I’d have to say that they removed a bit of the complexity but by doing so they added a certain catchiness to most of the songs. The vocal performance is perfect as usual if you are into Kellin Quinn’s type of voice (tenor leggiero, thanks Wikipedia). For those of you who are as clueless as me as to what that means: basically it’s rather high-pitched clean vocals which automatically means that it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

To spice things up, there are four guest vocalists throughout the forty-four minutes: Machine Gun Kelly on Alone, Shayley Bourget of Dayshell on I’ll Take You There, Fronz of Attila on The Best There Ever Was and last but not least Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire on Congratulations. The latter might remind some of you guys of a song by some other rather famous band that I won’t mention here… but I’ll let you be the judge of that. It’s a killer song either way.

To sum things up I’d say that even though SWS‘ third album is probably my least favorite of the band, it’s not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be. Give it a shot, try to keep an open mind and you will not be disappointed. I’m sure as hell going to re-listen to it more than once in the future. If I managed to make you curious, visit the band’s Facebook page where you can stream it in its entirety and check out my personal highlight below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irtPMGHR0KA]

The Words We Use – Morals

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It’s a bit slow in the post-hardcore department when it comes to new releases, so I’ve decided to write about an EP that came out in June 2012 but I’ve only stumbled upon recently: Morals by The Words We Use.

Let me just say this right off the bat: the four song (five including the hidden track) EP doesn’t re-invent the wheel or add any new elements but why change a winning team? The sextet knows how to write catchy songs and that’s what counts, in my opinion.

The one thing that stands out to me is that they refrain from using the typical mono-riff song structure that has been so dominant in the genre. Quite the contrary: every song has super melodic riffs which prevent boredom from being an issue. The drums are on an equally interesting level and round off the instrumental side quite nicely.

The vocals are provided by two different singers and leave absolutely nothing left to wish for: flawless execution from start to finish. The EP even features a guest appearance by Sleeping With Sirens‘ Kellin Quinn on the song Building Coral Castle.

To sum things up I’d say that TWWU have managed to put out a highly enjoyable first effort and I’m definitely looking forward to more stuff. I’d recommend you give this record a chance if you’re, like me, on the lookout for some tasty post-hardcore. For more info you can check the band’s Facebook page and be sure to listen to the song below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqHhn0QvWII]

Pierce The Veil – Collide With The Sky

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In October 2011 I went to see a show specifically for the opening band and they were worth every cent I paid. That band was Pierce The Veil from San Diego. Their by then already one year old record Selfish Machines had simply impressed me so much that I could not have missed that opportunity even if I had wanted to. I remember talking to their singer, Vic, back then and asking him about plans for a new record and he told me that they’d been working on some killer tracks and were supposed to go into the studio in early 2012. Fast forward seven months and there you have it: Collide With The Sky.

The band jokingly describes the genre they play as “mexicore” which is due to the fact that the Fuentes brothers, the singer and the drummer, are of Mexican descent and because they have many metalcore elements in their sound. However they are not your run off the mill core band that have released a good song or two and simply rely on their fanbase after that. No sir, to me the reason for their success is the purely amazing songwriting that they’ve proven ever since their debut album A Flair For The Dramatic. They seemingly manage to come up with melodies that have earworm-potential all the time.

This new twelve song album is no different because it gripped me from the second I put it on and hasn’t really left my eardrums since. The sound is very similar to the predecessor but that is a very good thing since I thoroughly enjoyed it for its clean and powerful production. One thing you’ll notice though if you compare the two records is that PTV have cranked up the heaviness knob quite a bit; which is another thing that I cannot complain about, at all.

The “riffage” is as usual on a very high level as well and even after the umpteenth time of listening through the whole record I’m still impressed. A lot of times I thought to myself that they sound like something a Mariachi band would play if they tuned their guitars to drop D and turned up the distortion. Might come across as negative but I personally love it: it’s simply an interesting mix of two very different genres.

The vocals might be the one thing that could scare people away at first because they’re very high-pitched and I’ve often gotten surprised looks when I told people that the singer is a guy. As for me: I’ve had the same reaction when I started listening to the band but I’ve since grown to admire his vocal range. You’ll just have to make up your own mind about it. Another thing that should be noted is that you should definitely pay attention to the lyrics since that’s another one of the band’s talents. Even though at first they all seem to have one thing in common, which is girls and problems related to them, they all have a deeper meaning and are a great read.

To round the whole record off the guys have gotten a couple of guest vocalists: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, Jason Butler of letlive. and Lindsay Stamey of Oh No Fiasco. I don’t want to lean myself too far out of the window but I doubt that any of them will ever regret lending their talents since all three songs they’ve performed on have come out phenomenal. Especially Tangled In The Great Escape with Jason Butler is probably my favorite song on the entire CD.

As you might have noticed I have not found any negative points about Pierce The Veil‘s latest endeavor and that is actually easily explained: to me it’s just the best album of 2012, at least thus far. There are still a few releases I’m looking forward to this year but those bands will have to work hard to convince me of the contrary. As always it’s of course best to make up your own mind about that which you can do by checking the video below and visiting their Facebook page for more info.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME6RtQgBMSI]