Fights And Fires/Idle Class – Split 7inch

A couple of weeks ago I went to an all-day skate punk show here in Luxembourg and out of the many bands playing, there was one act that stood out to me: the German formation Idle Class. Me being me I couldn’t help but chat them up and ask if they had anything coming up […]

Top 5 2013 by Denis

Another music year is going to end soon, and so I sat down and looked back at my personal highlights this year. I must say that it is a pretty hard task to choose 5 out of many good contributions, so in case you miss beauties like Motorpsycho‘s last progressive masterpiece or Serj Tankian‘s jazz experiment, […]

Fights And Fires – We Could All Be Dead Tomorrow

Fights and Fires remain true to themselves, not without refining their rock soup with some nice little ingredients. If spring won’t come in the next months then this will melt the snow just at the right time to start the festival season. Starting with what remained the same, let’s talk about the very beginning of […]

Fights and Fires – The Proof That Ghosts Exist

The Proof That Ghosts Exist (or how I would say: “the proof that totally unknown bands selling totally cheap CDs can actually be pretty catchy!”) is the 2011 release by the 4 young Englishsmen Fights and Fires. “Fights and who..?” you might ask now. Well, the boys have started to build up some reputation in […]