Interview with Wo Fat

After having reviewed their latest stoner opera The Black Code, we asked Wo Fat for an interview, and Kent was so kind as to talk with us about the music, the scene and horror movies. Enjoy! El Gore: For those outside the stoner rock scene and for the people in Europe, who’ll get to know […]

Interview with Arkaeon

Arkaeon are a Luxembourgish technical death metal band that most people from the “scene” know. Recently we conducted an interview with their lead singer Rosh. Here’s the result! Enjoy! El Gore: After the release of your EP New Level Of Inhumanity in 2011, 2012 marked a big year for Arkaeon. You played many shows with […]

Interview with Damien Leone

El Gore is very proud to tell you that we did an interview with the awesome director/FX artist Damien Leone. Luc just recently saw his movie: Terrifier (2011) and reviewed it on this site (check it out here). But we have to tell you that we weren’t quite satisfied and we wanted to know more […]

Interview with Sektemtum

We recently conducted an interview with Reverend Prick of the band Sektemtum. It was done in French but I tried my best to capture the same tone during the translation of the transcript. Enjoy! El Gore: How did the band come together? Reverend Prick: Our goal is to destroy what is left of mediocrity, the […]

Interview with Plankton Waves

Last May, the electronic duo Plankton Waves released their first single called Cloud Caravan. Their sound combines familiar electro-beats, poetry, songwriting and mysteries. In our interview we talked about the path from rock to electronic music, about nature and the 80s. El Gore: One of those questions you can read again and again (but which […]